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Verdant Power

Verdant Power

Well-being, Peace, Environment

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Verdant Power helps build sustainable communities around the world.


Verdant Power is a world leader in the design, development, application and commercialization of kinetic hydropower solutions. Verdant Power’s systems are designed to generate electricity from natural underwater currents found in tides, rivers and manmade channels.

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In 2007, Verdant Power installed the world’s first grid-connected field of tidal turbines in New York City’s East River. This field of six Verdant Power “Free-flow” turbines is generating approximately 1,000 kWh of green energy each day from the tides in the East River. The energy is being provided to a grocery store and parking garage located adjacent the project site on Roosevelt Island in New York City.


Verdant Power was established in 2000, growing steadily from a few generalist engineers assisting the company’s founders, to the diversified base of world-class designers, engineers, scientists and business professionals who make up the company today.

Key steps toward achieving the Verdant Power mission took place even before the company was formally established. Beginning in 1998, the company’s founders spent eighteen months, as well as their own personal investments, investigating the kinetic hydropower industry, assessing the accomplishments of its various players, and analyzing the potential and requirements for product commercialization.

This team also built, tested and deployed four working prototypes of kinetic hydropower technology during its early years. This effort established an unmatched track record of hands-on testing and deployment experience and continues to set Verdant Power apart as a leader in the kinetic hydropower industry.

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Verdant Power

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Verdant Power

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