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JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction

JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction

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  • JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction - COMPANY PROFILE

    Environment, Industrial Design


    The JMA stavební company was established upon privatisation of the government-owned company Ústředí uměleckých řemesel in 1991. The company name was changed to JMA when the ownership structure was altered. The company was established and incorporated to the Jihomoravská akciová company, a.s. by the ownership structure altering.

    The other members of JMA group are:

    • JMA elektro, spol. s r.o.
    • JMA technology s.r.o.
    • JMA engineering s.r.o.
    • Rezidence Boží hora, s.r.o.

    Information about business activities here. The JMA stavební company deals with civil and industrial constructions. The JMA elektro company offers complete deliveries of electrical installations. The parent company, Jihomoravská akciová, a.s. deals with the non-production work, real estate, developer´s consultancy, real estate business, accounting, financial and tax consultancy. The company has at its disposal adequate material equipment, team of experienced and skilled professionals, high work quality with its professional design level. We offer standard work guarantee 60 months and guarantee of high and quick quality of all buildings.

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JMA Group

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JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction

Durďákova 5 613 00 , Brno Czech Republic

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