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Westhill Insurance Consulting

Westhill Insurance Consulting

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  • Westhill Consulting - Mannento Mori

    Environment, Environmental Design

    I do not know about you, but I love the humor Wojciech Mann. One of the nicest moments of the week this morning "snippets of Activities" in the Trinity before 9TA morning when driving to work listening to Mr. Wojciech przekomarzajacego of Bukartykiem. Yes, it is there established hit "Women like flowers" ... What's interesting every morning, full of smart giggle broadcast editor Mann ends with the words: "Thank you for today, and if all goes well, we will hear on Sunday."

    But what does it mean "How everything goes well ..."? Mr. Editor, is less than two days, what's going to happen? After the first moment of surprise, comes reflection: Well, a lot can happen ...

    This kind of Memento Mori, you can (and should) be taken literally, but it has a dimension of trade. Are you ready for change? And what if on Monday will no longer be your position? In what state is your resume? Is the date zbierałeś testimonials from clients written on LinkedIn or Goldenline, or only now desperately begin to accumulate contacts?

    Or not to be gloomy, what if tomorrow you get to realize a new, very interesting project? What about those things that realizowałeś so far? Is it them who take over? I had a few situations in life when working for many months managed to create something cool, but took care of succession. Sorry had to look that no successor projects are prepared natural erosion and processes without fixed guards become outdated ...

    This is actual...

  • Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours: Jakarta Travel Tips

    Communication, Environmental Design


    The largest city in Indonesia and one of the most thickly populated city in the world, Jakarta, is still very famous for tourists to visit. You will find a remarkable skyline and be impressed with some of the tallest buildings on the planet. This symbolizes the city’s financial prowess. The city is finished with a display of regions and suburbs. All of which are particularly dissimilar, which makes this hub of Asia is a true melting pot of cultures.

    The city has had a chaotic history going back to the 12th century and the influence conquering nations have had on Jakarta is obvious. Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and British architecture can be seen in different parts in the entire city.

    Jakarta is one of the extravagant cities you would want to visit and represented globalization in almost every admiration.

    After deciding on what hotel you want to stay, then the next thing you have to worry about is getting there. The most convenient means to roam around the city is to fly into Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The airport is serviced by most major airlines and you will find that getting to your Jakarta hotel from here is easy just 20 km outside the city.

    There is a free shuttle bus into the city, but it can be random, so pre-booking a taxi could be the better choice. But, these can be very costly. One more option is to rent a car so you can go directly to your Jakarta hotel without any trouble, but be very patient with the traffic because it can be a nightmare.


    Recently something interesting happened in Jakarta. We got a glimpse of what the future of the open data movement could, and hopefully will, look like. So what happened? On the surface, nothing that would ordinarily send anyone’s hearts racing. There was a regional meeting of STRIPE, a group dedicated to Strengthening the Right to Information for People and the Environment. The attendees, who hailed from China, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Thailand included representatives from civil society organizations, academia, governments, and international organizations. So here is the first interesting piece. At the conclusion of the conference the group issued a document they referred to as the Jakarta Declaration in which they cited not just freedom of information laws, but also open data, as critical to tackling the region's environmental challenges. Consider the first three clauses of the declaration (italics mine):

    1. FOI laws assist in ensuring access to environmental information by people and communities. However, information on air and water quality and pollutants released into the environment needs to be released proactively, in formats that are easily understandable by the public, without a request.
    2. Government needs to adopt legal requirements for the collection and production of environmental information.
    3. Laws that guaran...
  • Indonesia's new healthcare scheme facing bumpy road

    Environment, Environmental Design


    THE architect of Indonesia's new universal healthcare service, which began a phased introduction last month, says that a lack of funding and a poor grasp of benefits are hampering patient care.

    On Wednesday, the first monthly review of Indonesia's ambitious Social Security Organising Body, or BJPS, turned up cases of inferior treatment compared with what existed under previous health schemes. The findings underscore the difficult road that officials here face as they roll out medical coverage for all of the country's 247 million people by 2019, says Hasbullah Thabrany, the body's senior adviser and professor of health policy from the University of Indonesia.

    "The first two years of this programme will be a bumpy road," says Prof Thabrany, who headed the review. He says that the programme is aiming for 70 per cent satisfaction among patients during the first year. "Doctors, staff and patients don't understand the system."

  • 0_177_

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the Delaware Department of Insurance have some tips for confirming coverage if you still haven't received proof of insurance from your insurance company.

    Since open enrollment began Oct. 1, insurance companies have had some difficulties that have prevented the companies from being able to enter new numbers into their systems. Consumers should contact their insurance company to verify coverage. Insurance commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart stated, "The insurance company will be able to verify if you are indeed enrolled in a plan or not." When you speak to your insurance company, take detailed notes of the conversation. Include the date and time that the conversation took place, and the name of the representative. Hold on to copies of any written communication you received from your insurance company such as emails or letters as you may need these materials later.

    If you have yet to purchase coverage but are planning on buying insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, print out any paperwork or confirmations that you receive during the enrollment process. If you do not have a printer save digital copies of forms or take "screenshots" of any confirmation numbers or account numbers.

    Individuals have until March 31, to enroll in a health insurance plan in order to meet the Affordable Care Act's "individual mandate" without incurring a penalty or fee from the IRS.


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