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Southwood Corp

Southwood Corp

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    Interior Signs

    From lobby logos to hallway and parking deck signs to room names and numbers, SouthWood creates an unlimited array of custom signage solutions. They are made from a wide variety of materials, utilizing dozens of processes. Show us your ideas, or let one of our account executives help you understand more about the many options available for interior signage systems. If you aren’t sure about just what you need, a brief discussion with SouthWood can clarify just how and where to start.

    Entry Monuments

    A facility’s largest and most permanent form of identification is its entry monument sign. This important statement of identity reinforces an image and sets the tone that viewers see. SouthWood has created thousands of these custom statements since 1970, and is uniquely qualified to help create yours. Using dozens of materials, methods and processes, we can implement your ideas, or help you create them. Solutions can be almost unlimited, and will either create an identity for you, or reinforce the brand identity you already have. Logos and logotypes can be faithfully executed in your signage, and SouthWood can help recommend methods and materials that show your logo to best advantage.

    Sign Systems

    Signage systems are a series of related signs and sign types, sharing multiple common traits. Among these traits are colors, shapes, typestyles, materials and fabrication methods, layouts, logos and graphic elements. If implemented effectively, they convey a consis...

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    Since 1970 SouthWood has provided turn-key signage services for clients all across the US, the Caribbean, and beyond. The full-service sign company employs approximately 50 people in our 40,000 square foot facility located in Charlotte, NC. Our emphasis is design/build, although much work is done for outside design and specifier firms. Likewise, most of SouthWood's work is for large, sometimes multi-site signage systems. We use a wide variety of signage materials and manufacturing processes, and our long history and vast experience have given us the knowledge to find the right solution for every client, every look and every budget.


    In 1970, upon graduation from college, Ernest Dwight began producing wooden signs as an extension of his new wife's embroidery business. Mr. Dwight's interests in architecture and woodworking, coupled with the graphics and lettering aspects of the embroidery and monogramming in his wife's business, provided a unique mix of capabilities with which to enter the sign business. The company, then known as F&D Wooden Signs, initially focused its energies calling on architectural and design firms in the Carolinas. The goal was to offer those firms a dependable, quality driven source for the production of the newly-coined term "architectural signage," but in methods and materials which had a different look from the norm. Literally pioneering the methods and materials used to create "natural" looking wood signs, the company...