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Corliss Resources Inc

Corliss Resources Inc

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    Corliss Resources, Inc also sells miscellaneous concrete and aggregate products. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Bags of Cement
    • Expansion Joints
    • Concrete Sealer
    • Fiber-mesh

    Please contact Concrete Dispatch for availability, pricing or to order

  • Ecology Blocks

    Ecology Blocks are concrete building blocks that come in an array of sizes and designs. They are the perfect material for building structurally sound retaining walls. Ecology blocks have raised “bumps” on the top of the block and a matching indented groove along the bottom of the block. This allows the blocks to “fit” together in a manner which minimize the possibility of slipping.

    CRI’s ecology blocks are available for delivery or pick up from our Sumner and Federal Way plant. Please call ahead to check availability for this product.

    Kelley Blocks

    Kelley Blocks are a patented concrete building block used to build retaining walls and other such structures. The unique interlocking block system provides extra stability to a project by lowering the possibility of slipping. Knobs atop the Kelley Block interlock with corresponding recesses in the bottom of the next block. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, providing the perfect combination of structural soundness, flexibility of design, and ease of installation.

    CRI has teamed with Kelley Block LLC to offer this unique product. For more information, please visit the Kelley Block website.

    For pricing and purchasing information, please contact:

    Mike Kelley, Jr

    Phone: 253-922-9848

    Fax: 253-517-3995

    Kelley Block, LLC will let CRI know when to have your order ready for pick up.

  • Image_132_ Beauty Bark, Soil and Rockery Rock are fundamental staples in most all landscaping projects. CRI offers a variety of quality Beauty Barks, Soils, Gravel and Rocks available to you to pick up at any of our plant facilities or for delivery. If you are not sure which product best suits your particular application or you would like to place an order for delivery, please call Gravel Dispatch. In certain situations, CRI can perform haul off or exporting services by removing from your job site certain soils, aggregate and concrete waste material. Truck rental is also available. For more specific information please contact Gravel Dispatch. Below is a summary of the products that CRI offers and some possible uses. If you are interested in a product that you do not see on this list, please call to check availability as this list is only a sampling of our products. Barks and Soils Three Way Mix: A blend of 33% topsoil, 33% sand, 33% PREP compost. This product works great for new lawn (seed or sod), flower beds, and vegetable gardens. Two Way Mix : A 3/8" screened blend of 60% clean sand and 40% organic. Works well to mix into high clay soils or very wet areas Promotes excellent drainage and can be custom blended to suit your needs. Premium Garden Mix: 1/3 fine black bark, 1/3 clean sand, and 1/3 organic screened on a 3/8" screen. Perfectly blended for vegetable gardens or raised beds. (Made upon order) Organic Fine & Medium Prep Compost: Composted at Pierc...
  • Aggregate, Sand & Gravel

    Corliss Resources, Inc offers many types of gravel, sand and rock products that can be used in variety of applications. These products can be scheduled for delivery directly to your job site or you can pick it up from anyone of our plant locations (LINK to map).

    In certain situations, CRI can perform haul off or exporting services by removing from your job site certain soils, aggregate and concrete waste material. Truck rental is also available. For more specific information please contact Gravel Dispatch.

    Below is a summary of the products that CRI offers and some possible uses. If you are interested in a product that you do not see on this list, please call to check availability as this list is only a sampling of our products.

    Utility and Washed Sand

    Used as a base for pavers and other residential applications like sand boxes or as a leveling base for portable swimming pools. Ideal for backfilling utility ditches.

    Washed Pea Gravel

    Great for drainage projects, sub grade under concrete, some walkways and patios, small dog kennels, or under swings sets and in other kids play areas.

    3/4” Clean Crushed

    Used as a decorative rock. Works well in walkways and has great drainage characteristics. Not a good rock to be used in gravel driveways.

    7/8" Washed

    Good drainage rock. Can be used as the aggregate in concrete.

    1 1/4" Clean Crushed

    Great for walking paths. Used as a capillary break layer under concrete slabs.

    1 1/4&quo...

  • Group Review: Corliss Resources Inc Contacts

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    Mailing Address for all Corliss facilities and locations PO Box 487 Sumner, WA 98390 Telephone: 253-891-6680 Order and Delivery Dispatch Hours M-F 5:00AM to 5:00PM For timely delivery, please schedule Saturday deliveries 24 hours in advance To place an order for Concrete: 253-891-6680, Ext.1 Aggregate/Gravel Products: 253-891-6680, Ext. 2 Plant Locations and Contacts Sumner Plant (located two blocks south of SR 410, off of 166th Ave Exit.) 16805 64th St East Sumner, WA 98390 Hours of Operation: M-F 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM Federal Way Plant (located across from Costco) 35053 Enchanted Parkway South Federal Way, WA 98003 Hours of Operation: Call for hours Saturday: Call ahead Enumclaw Plant (located across from the Enumclaw golf course) 29410 SR HWY 410 Enumclaw, WA 98022 Call for hours Saturday: Call ahead Puyallup Plant (located between Pierce County landfill and Lipoma Firs golf course.) 18001 Meridian Ave E Puyallup, WA 98375 Hours of Operation: Call for hours Saturday: Call ahead Sunset Quarry Plant 30820 Quinnon Rd Ext Wilkeson, WA Currently Closed Corporate Office 3106 Sumner Tapps Hwy E Lake Tapps, WA 98391 Telephone: 253-826-8010 Fax: 253-826-8011 Hours of Operation: M-F 7:00AM to 4:00PM Sales and Operations Fax: 253-891-6693 Concrete Sales Staff Steve Valenta: 253-405-0165 Concrete Dispatch and Order Taking – 253-891-6680, Ext. 1 Aggregate, Sand, Gravel and Landscape Products Sales Sta...
  • Planning on ordering concrete or gravel products to be delivered to your commercial project or your own home? There are certain steps that can be taken to ensure that your experience is as efficient and accurate as possible:

    Step 1: Calculate Material Amount and Type

    Determine the type of material and how much you will need to complete your project. If you could use our help in making this determination, please feel free to call us. After asking you some questions, our staff can help determine the type and quantity of material you will need. If further assistance is needed, a representative would be happy to come visit your job site. The Concrete Calculator can be a helpful tool in estimating the amount of concrete a project might require.

    Step 2: Place Order

    It is important that you are prepared with several pieces of information before you call. You will need to know:

    The date and time you wish the material to be delivered

    The site's correct address

    Your contact information

    A PO (Purchase Order) number, if required

    Credit card information for COD orders.

    When you are ready, please call toll free 1-800-YOU-POUR or local at 253-891-6680, Ext 1 for Concrete orders or Ext 2 for Gravel or Landscape Material orders. Please inform the order taker if you have an account with CRI. If you would like to establish a credit account with CRI, please complete the credit application and allow 5 working days for processing.

    For best results, call 3 to 4 days in advance to schedul...

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    Whether you are working on a weekend landscape project or you are building a million dollar complex, chances are Corliss Resources, Inc has the quality product you are looking for. Corliss Resources locations are full of top quality aggregates and sand products created by the glaciers and volcanoes that have sculpted this great state. These resources make it possible for CRI to manufacture and offer a variety of quality products to fit almost any structural requirement and aesthetic preference.

    Our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to help find the product that will best fit your needs and answer any questions you may have. With years of experience and multiple educational credentials and certifications the Corliss Team is here to help.

  • Group Review: Corliss Resources Inc

    Community, Communication Design

    Thank you for visiting Corliss Resources, Inc’s website. We hope that your visit to our site is informative and helpful. Whether you are looking at the products we offer, what products are best to use for your specific project, or how to order; we believe that we can help. If you are not finding what you’re looking for, our in house sales representatives are available to assist over the phone. We also will be happy to have one of our knowledgeable and qualified sales staff members contact you.

    Four generations ago, John H. ("Doc") Corliss began hauling gravel out of the back of his buckboard wagon to service his neighbors—farmers, dairymen, and homeowners. Today John Corliss’s company continues to take pride in helping both large and small clients by providing quality aggregates and concrete products to customers located in the Pierce and King County areas. Be it a newlywed couple planning the foundation of their dream home or a major contractor needing to direct the flow of gravel and concrete trucks to his multi-million dollar project, Corliss Resources provides the knowledge, means and manpower to get the job done on time and on budget.

    Our commitment to quality is illustrated through the pride we take in our hardworking employees, state of the art facilities, and immaculate equipment. We at CRI believe that our customers are more then just customers; they are our partners in business. Your success is our success. We take pride in going above and ...

Corliss Resources Inc

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