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International Arocha Group

International Arocha Group

Community, Arts & Culture, Environment

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  • How do A Rocha projects make a difference?

    Community, Environmental Design

    Arocha_177_ Important Bird Area Research & Conservation

    From March 2005 to February 2008, with funding from the MAVA trust, scientists and bird experts from A Rocha Lebanon and SPNL (BirdLife’s national partner in Lebanon) conducted the most extensive bird research project ever undertaken in Lebanon. Over 30 sites were surveyed, through the seasonal cycle, for bird and other biodiversity importance. 320 site visits were conducted totaling over 3000 hours in the field. All data was submitted to BirdLife International and 11 sites were found to satisfy BirdLife’s rigorous criteria for designation as “Important Bird Areas” (9 of global significance and 2 of regional significance) more than trebling the IBAs identified in the country from 4 to 15. Following IBA designation, Support committees were formed at each site. Members were trained in bird identification and monitoring and site management statements were developed. A concluding workshop was held at the Ministry of Environment on April 2nd 2009 where results were presented, future plans outlined and the Lebanon IBA leaflet launched.

    Community-based conservation By providing eco-bursaries which enable local youngsters to have a secondary school education, and involving their families in conservation activities, A Rocha Kenya is persuading communities around the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest that this site of outstanding conservation importance is worth protecting for themselves and for future...

  • About A Rocha

    Peace, Environmental Design


    About A Rocha A Rocha is an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects.

    Who we are International Trustees and International Team The International Trustees are responsible for guarding the vision and integrity of A Rocha world-wide. They direct the International Team which supports all the national teams, co-ordinating their activities, providing resources for their use and fostering the emergence of new initiatives.

    International Council of Reference The International Council of Reference is a group of eminent professionals who support and promote A Rocha in their life and work.

    National Committees and National Teams Each National Team is guided by a National Committee that brings a wide range of expertise to the developing projects. Each team works on community-based conservation projects, sometimes from field study centres which have been established in Canada, the Czech Republic, France, India, Kenya, Portugal, Uganda and the UK.

    Supporters All the A Rocha teams are dependent on the support of A Rocha members and friends from around the world. Supporters contribute in so many ways: by serving as volunteers on committees or at our centres, by their prayers and financial help, and by their ideas and encouragement.

International Arocha Group

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International Arocha Group

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