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Koyal Private Training Group

Koyal Private Training Group

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  • Koyal’s training courses caters to all California insurance companies, self-insured individuals and third-party managers through online programs accessible to its participants. And remember, unlike the classroom type of education we are all accustomed to, anyone can keep one’s pace at one’s convenience. Koyal can monitor each participant’s progress and will accredit those who are able to fulfil all requirements.

    With Koyal’s programs, participants gain the advantage of fulfilling their Insurance Continuing Education (Insurance CE) requirements as well as any insurance fraud training needs, both in one course. For many states, continuing education courses are not required credits but merely ethical or voluntary in nature. They serve, however, to update practitioners in their field and to provide companies with the ability to address their clients’ needs more responsively.

    Fraud is intrinsically dynamic in nature and does not allow insurance practitioners to rest while the fraud perpetrators are gaining on them. Koyal makes sure that the gap is not widened and, hopefully, eliminated through the courses that it provides its clients according to their unique needs and objectives.

    For insurance investigators who want to upgrade their capability to meet their job’s challenges, Koyal’s Continuing Education Program also provides the necessary avenue for personal and career development. Participants do not need to cover the same course each year as they can enrol in the...

  • Petos on selvästi negatiivinen sana kuka tai mikä se oikein kuvaa. Kukaan ei halua olla mitään tekemistä sen kanssa paitsi tekijät, valitettavasti. Ja siinä tarvitaan rehellinen ja ahkeria henkilöitä ja yrityksiä ja suojautua tuhoisia seurauksia, vaikka tähän tarvitaan paljon kustannuksella ja huomiota.

    Ainoa tie välttää petoksia tai oikea on tietää, miten se tehdään. Ja koulutuksen tulos saavutetaan kyky vähentää riskejä tai vaaroja huijareita, varsinkin kun se tulee vakuutus petos.

    Tässä on, jossa Koyal Group Private Training Services tulee niin arvokasta petostentorjuntaviraston koulutusta. Koyal on suunnitellut räätälöityjen koulutusohjelmien lähinnä mukautuva ratkaisuja ainutlaatuinen ongelmia ja valituksia asiakkailleen äänenä, ei väliä kuinka suuri tai pieni liike voi olla.

    Koyal n lähestymistapa johtaa räätäli varustettu "online training center", joka heijastaa "ruumiin ja sielun" yhtiön yhtiön tavoitteet. Sen menetelmiin kuuluvat kurssit tavoitteet jokaisen yksilön tai yritys, kulttuuri, missio ja Visio pitää keskittyä ja käyttää kaikki kurssit pääperiaatteiden mukainen.

    Lisäksi Koyal suunnittelee sen kursseja, jotka sopivat mitä luokat Taatusti täyttävät päämäärien ja tavoitteiden yhtiöllä on; mukaan osasto, kurssin luokitusta, työ kuvaus, sijainti ja niin monet muut. Tämä takaa monipuolisen ja oma koulutusohjelma yrityksen osoitteet osanottajia mukana tarkkoja tarpeita. Koyal mahdollistaa my...

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    NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has denounced the UK’s emergency surveillance bill, criticizing the distinct lack of public debate it encompassed and its heightened powers of intrusion.

    During an exclusive interview in Moscow with the Guardian, the whistleblower suggested it was highly unusual for a state to process legislation so hastily other than at a time of acutely endangered national security.

    "I mean we don't have bombs falling. We don't have U-boats in the harbour”, he emphasised. Yet suddenly this legislation has become an absolute priority. "It defies belief", he said.

    Snowden found the duress with which the UK government processed the Data Retention and Investigation Powers Bill to be remarkable, comparing it to the Bush administration’s introduction of the Protect America Act in 2007. The Protect America Act was issued after the New York Times exposed a “warrantless wire-tapping programme” that was both illegal and “unconstitutional”, he stated.

    The UK government claims Britain’s emergency bill will preserve UK law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ access to data that is vital for “protecting national security and preventing serious crime.” According to Snowden, the case the US administration built to justify the Protection of America Act is notably similar.

    "I mean the NSA could have written this draft…They passed it under the same sort of emergency justification. They said we would be at risk. They said comp...

  • How one company is helping Thai businesses battle a problem that costs billions of baht every year

    A car parts manufacturer in Thailand was puzzled when it found that despite turnover increasing substantially, there was a mysterious decline in profits.

    When Vorapong Sutanont and his financial forensics team at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) were asked to look into the case, they performed an investigation based on the suspicion that this notable imbalance was due to fraud.

    The team pulled hard disk drives from company PCs and searched emails between factory employees, reviewed accounting transactions and company records such as invoices and receipts, matching up purchase orders with actual material on the ground, and conducted interviews with suspects and employees.

    “What we found was actually much greater than what was even suspected by the company”, Mr Vorapong said.


    In today's corporate environment, everything is stored electronically, and disk drives are a crucial part of any investigation.

    Up to six people usually occupy PwC's computer forensics laboratory on the 17th floor of Bangkok City Tower on Sathon Road, which was empty when Spectrum paid a visit last week as the staff were in Hong Kong for a two-week data analysis training course.

    Equipped with notebook PCs and servers, the room also contains a 45 by 60cm black briefcase made of hardened plastic composite.

    The computer forensics team preserves, extracts and recovers electronicall...

  • Mikelittle_132_

    FierceHealthPayer: Anti-Fraud: What are some early indicators SIUs can watch for signaling that reports of potential fraud, waste and abuse may become significant or urgent cases?

    Mike Little: Assessing allegations early is a challenge, but taking some specific and general steps can help SIUs determine if a case may become a priority. The first specific step is assessing the allegation. What's involved, and what's the scope of the issue? Could it be part of a larger problem or national scheme with the potential for media attention?

    Also check if patient safety is at risk. Financial harm at the expense of patients is an area that becomes urgent very quickly. And different case steps are necessary if patient safety issues are involved as opposed to financial issues alone. Are there signs that unlicensed individuals are at work? This can raise questions about your company's credentialing and due diligence processes that affect patient safety.

    And lastly, determine if employees from your organization may be implicated. That may cause reputational harm and indicate internal control weaknesses.

    But insurers and the federal government can no longer wait for complaints to arrive because often by then there's been significant loss. So SIUs should also take general steps to spot trends and risks. These steps involve knowledge.

    First, plug into a healthcare fraud task force. These exist nationwide and include other SIUs and federal and state law enforcers and regulators. These grou...

  • 988803_554062854674896_40411464_n_177_

    Technology and social media are great tools used to investigate insurance fraud, according to expert panelists who spoke at the recent Risk and Insurance Management Society conference in Denver.

    Susan LaBar, a risk manager for the bus company Coach USA/Megabus, and Scott Catron, senior vice president of Titan Investigative Alliance, provided tips for adjusters investigating suspected insurance fraud. LaBar said she regularly gathers comprehensive information on both workers’ compensation and general liability claims. When a claim occurs, LaBar requests a detailed, five page report. It contains requests for nicknames, email addresses, hobbies, children’s names and hobbies, work history, college information and even pet information. This information helps when it comes time to conduct an internet and social media background investigation.

    Catron discussed several technologies currently utilized in claims investigations. These include 3 D laser scanning, cross referencing multiple databases, mapping claims, remote surveillance and GPS and black boxes. He provided an example where mapping claims helped him discover two claimants that lived on the same street. This helped him when it came time to set up surveillance of the claimants.

    Used to monitor vehicles, GPS and black boxes can be can be programmed to provide tire and off route alerts, according to LaBar. In addition, she said they can help verify whether or not a bus was in an area that a claimant claims an accident o...

  • Uft-contract_177_

    *Good morning and welcome to Wake-Up Call, your guidebook to and roundup of the latest in city, state, and national political news... From our Daily News team:*

    Members of the teachers union ratified their new $9 billion contract Tuesday, with 77% in favor. Roughly 90,000 eligible members of the United Federation of Teachers cast ballots on the nine-year contract that includes 18% raises through 2018. The lowest margin of approval for a recent contract was in 2003, when 63% voted in favor of a deal.“The new agreement gives teachers and parents a larger voice in how their schools are run, and how they can better serve their students,” said union president Michael Mulgrew.

    If the City Council speaker has her way, the city’s minimum wage might not be so minimal. Melissa Mark-Viverito (D-Manhattan) said Tuesday she would like to see the minimum bumped to as much as $15 an hour in the city, nearly double the current statewide minimum of $8. She is ready to convene hearings on the matter, she said.

    Calling it “unacceptable bureaucracy,” Mayor de Blasio ripped NYCHA on Tuesday for dragging its feet on installing security cameras in the housing project where two kids were attacked by a knife-wielding monster. The blast came as police were searching for a homeless man they suspect is the Brooklyn butcher who killed a 6-year-old with a steak knife on Sunday and badly wounded his playmate in an elevator. De Blasio said the housing agency has been sitting on $27 million earm...

  • Sian_177_

    She’s no stranger to Welsh audiences, but the BBC’s Sian Lloyd is now a familiar sight to viewers across the whole of the UK, too. She tells Kirstie McCrum about early starts, alternative careers and heading up her second series of Crimewatch Roadshow

    Next time you see Sian Lloyd presenting BBC Breakfast, remember how much effort has gone into her pristine appearance on the sofa.

    The petite blonde who started out in the BBC Wales Bangor newsroom around 13 years ago has become a regular fixture on the big red sofa over the last year, but she says that the real heroes are the makeup team. “They do magical things – they’re magicians, those girls in the makeup department at Breakfast. They are fantastic. They can make anyone look good, which is a skill at that time of the morning.”

    But as well as propping her eyelids open for those early starts – “you have to be up at half past three – the middle of the night!” she laughs – Lloyd is about to launch another month of crimefighting telly, as she hits our screens for her second series of the Crimewatch Roadshow.

    The Crimewatch spin-off, now in its sixth series, is co-hosted by Lloyd and Rav Wilding, the programme’s male anchor since it started in 2009.

    For four weeks from Monday, the Crimewatch Roadshow takes to the streets of Britain to appeal directly to the public for help with unsolved cases.

    While Lloyd broadcasts out on location, Wilding appeals for help in the studio to find Wanted Faces, takes vi...

  • Istock_000010768170xsmall-300x227_177_

    Sandsynligvis nu mere end noget andet tidspunkt i de sidste adskillige år, private efterforskere og proces-servere er forpligtet til at blive deres egne cheerleaders. I økonomisk gode tider, professionelle på disse områder har koncentreret os om overvågning, springer, og andre relaterede områder af operationer og disse tjenester solgte sig selv. Men med gange at være magert overalt, de nødt til at sætte på endnu en anden hat for at ikke kun holde deres salgstal op, men i nogle tilfælde, for selv at overleve. Dette bruges sjældent hat, eller i nogle tilfælde helt ny hat er hat af private investigator markedsføring og reklame.

    Reklamer kan være en del af markedsføring, men markedsføring er ikke udelukkende reklame. Marketing er noget, som en virksomhed gør for at fremme sig selv. Der er bogstaveligt talt hundredvis af bøger og artikler, der er blevet skrevet af succesfulde iværksættere på hvordan markedet detail og endda servicevirksomheder. Men undersøgende og proces virksomheder er ikke kun servicevirksomheder, men dem, der til tider touch på store følelser og privatliv for deres gæster. Denne kombination kan gøre markedsføring vanskeligt. Så hvad kan en opsøgende virksomhed eller proces servicevirksomhed gøre for at forblive levedygtigt?

    Når du tænker om reklame og markedsføring for et detektivbureau, en masse ting kommer til at tænke. I modsætning til en typisk detailforretning hvis mål demografiske er inden for et par radius km, har denne f...

  • Compliance_177_

    Main site:

    Velkommen til OIGS overholdelse 101 webside. OIG udviklet de gratisundervisningsressourcer, der er opført på denne webside kan hjælpesundhedspersonale, praktiserende læger og leverandører forstår de sundhedspleje svigog misbrug love og konsekvenserne af at overtræde dem. Disse overholdelseuddannelse materialer kan også give ideer til måder at dyrke en kultur for overholdelseinden for dit eget helbred omhu organisation.

    Generel overholdelse uddannelse materialer

    Overholdelse af Program retningslinjer

    OIG har udviklet en serie af frivillig overholdelse program vejledninger rettet modforskellige segmenter i sundhedssektoren industrien, såsom hospitaler, plejehjem,tredjeparts-billers og varigt medicinsk udstyrsleverandører, til at fremme udvikling oganvendelse af interne kontrolelementer til at overvåge overholdelse af vedtægter,regler og kravene i programmet. Dokumenterne giver principper at følge når udvikle encompliance-program, der bedst passer til behovene i din organisation. Dokumenterneogså identificere svig og misbrug risici at holde øje med, når du opretter et program.

    Udbyder overholdelse uddannelse

    Overholdelse uddannelse widget nedenfor er links til gratis uddannelse afsundhedspersonale, overholdelse af fagfolk og advokater. OIGS udbyder overholdelseuddannelse var en opsøgende initiativ udviklet som en del af HHSS og US Departmentof Justice's Health Care svig og håndhævelse Action Team.


Koyal Training Group is a global provider of Insurance Fraud and Investigative Training.

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