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  • Koyal Group Training Services - Beverly Hills dentist pays insurance fraud restitution

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    California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, shown in 2011, announced that Beverly Hills dentist Tom Kalili, who pleaded no contest to insurance fraud charges, has paid $786,000 in restitution. (Katie Falkenberg / Los Angeles Times)

    Beverly Hills dentist Tom Kalili has paid $786,000 in restitution for insurance fraud and failure to file tax returns, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced Friday.

    Kalili, 59, was arrested in May 2012 after a multi-year investigation by the state Department of Insurance, the Dental Board and the California Franchise Tax Board. He owned Beverly Hills Medical Suites.

    Investigators accused him of submitting claims for services not rendered, mainly involving emergency dental procedures.

    Kalili pleaded no contest and was sentenced to one year in Los Angeles County jail and five years of probation.

    "This case is a significant success in our fight against healthcare fraud," Jones said in a statement. "Not only is there one less bad actor on the streets, but those who were owed restitution received it."

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