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Boiler Rental

Boiler Rental


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    WARE represents several commercial and industrial burner manufacturers. We provide complete solutions to combustion requirements from standard burners to individually engineered solutions. WARE is experienced in all common aspects of combustion and many other specialized applications, such as ovens and other fired products. WARE offers experience, quality and competitive prices. Design Types:

    Swirl Head Mixing -Power flame

    Premix Low 02 -Limps field

    Low NOx -Power flame, Limps field

    Ultra Low NOx -Power flame

    Process -Maxon Power flame

  • WARE started in 1952 as Ivan Ware & Son, a residential air conditioning and heating company. Its founder, Ivan Ware, was a former oil burner serviceman for a local oil company. In 1971 under his leadership, the company expanded after listening to his son, Richard Ware, to include a boiler rental business, becoming the first company in the area to provide handling, supervising, installation, start-up and operational services at the customer's request. By 1973 the company was the largest of its kind in the Louisville area. In 1975 Ivan Ware retired due to health reasons, but continued to serve as an advisor to the business.

    Richard Ware and Kit Moore, Ivan's children, then took over the business and continued to pour the family philosophy of servicing their customers better than anyone else in the business. Their vision and tireless hours of work continued to build a solid foundation for what WARE is today and what it will be in the future.

    Today Richard Ware is still President, and the company is run by his sons Ritchie and Daniel Ware and his son-in-law Brent Falcone. Since 1995 the company has expanded its offices and has grown into one of the largest and most extensive service companies in the southeast. With just over 90 employees, WARE now services five states including Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama and is one of the top boiler and chiller rental businesses in the United States.

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    At WARE, we specialize in boiler rentals. It's been our passion to provide state-of-the-art boiler room technology and unequaled customer service and support to our boiler rental customers for over sixty years. Our experience in the field makes our boiler rental service second to none across the industrial and commercial boiler industry. If your facility has a need for a boiler of any size or capacity, you can bet that WARE has exactly the boiler for the job.

    WARE delivers skid-mounted and trailer-mounted boiler systems as well as mobile boiler rooms in a variety of pressure ranges. From 10 horsepower to 250,000 pounds per hour, you can be certain that choosing WARE means we have the right size rental boiler to meet your needs. And no matter when the need strikes your business, day or night, WARE's respected boiler rental staff will deliver to your location to get your boiler system up and running, 24 hours a day.

    Whether your business needs a rental boiler during a facility expansion, a plant shut down, facility renovation or remediation, or as a substitute during your boiler's annual inspection, WARE can make sure your rental solution is there when you need it.

    Our boiler rental service solutions include: 24/7 Delivery and support Start up service Pre-installation consultation Operator training Turnkey installations

    WARE also offers super-high-efficiency boiler systems. We'll be happy to provide information regarding...

WARE started in 1952 as Ivan Ware & Son, a residential air conditioning and heating company.

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