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Deep Blue Group of Company

Deep Blue Group of Company

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  • Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps ABOUT US

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    Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps ABOUT US


    Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) was established in 1991. It was formed to develop a small and growing segment in the Australian Pump industry for hermetically sealed pumps. The company produces a unique and important product for a growing market. The business (RGA) specialises in the design and construction of Fluid Handling Systems for the world’s leading EPCM Contractors in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, minerals extraction, refining companies and utility suppliers.

    RGA manufactures state-of-the-art products. We offer a full range of pumps complying with API 610 & API 685, ANSI & DIN standards, incorporating design features to cope with high (+400 Deg. C), low (-120 Deg.C) and moderate temperatures.

    This experience and knowledge enables us to provide pumping equipment for hot and cold liquids, volatile hydrocarbons, toxic and poisonous fluids and circulation of heat transfer media for waste heat recovery. We can also solve difficult pumping problems for our clients.

    RGA’s modern workshop facilities are based in Melbourne and have the capacity to assemble complete pump sets. We can modify, service and repair our products; we also carry a large amount of spare parts, necessary to support our product in the field.


    Renroc Group products are state-of-the-art. Our know how, and the experience from worldwide applications, enables us to constantly improve our pumps. Our comm...

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    Renroc Group Deep Blue Boiler Pumps Deep Blue Pump Company One of the largest producers of API 610 pumps, Deep Blue Pump Company, is now exclusively represented in the Australian oil, gas and petrochemical market, through Renroc Group Pumps & Engineering.

    With Headquarters in The Netherlands, and manufacturing and engineering facilities in Dalian, Deep Blue Pump Company has made an exclusive sales, marketing and service agreement with Melbourne based, Renroc group. The agreement covers the Australasian market for our program of API and ANSI pumps.

    Deep Blue Pump CO. is now ready to capture a larger share of the Australasian market. The company likely to be one of the largest API pump manufacturers worldwide with thousands of pumps being sold, and ambitious plant expansions.

    Existing customers are oil majors such as Petrobrass, Petronas, Shell, Technip, Modec and Teekay. Deep Blue Pump Co. has also succeeded in supplying to the highly restrictive and quality conscious nuclear power market.

    Deep Blue Pump Co. is a fully integrated pump producer. The company has a large engineering team, as well as a sizeable foundry, pattern-shop and machining facilities. Furthermore, they have modern facilities for material analyses, destructive and non- destructive testing.

    Deep Blue Pump Co. is now embarking upon constructing one of the largest pump flow testing facilities in the world. As for electric motors and mechanical seals Deep Blue is already working with the world’s leading...

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    Deep Blue Group of Company Logistics & Transporttation Source Our professional management team has in–depth knowledge and expertise on the various elements of logistics industry. By means of our management’s experience in transportation, Deep Blue Co. provides our clients with the following

    Vehical transportation,

    Construction materials transportation,

    Heavy lift transportation,

    Project cargo

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Deep Blue Group of Company

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Deep Blue Group of Company

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