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Sulha Peace Project

Sulha Peace Project


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Due to the Israeli-Arab conflict, Arabs and Israelis in Israel and Palestine have very few opportunities to meet one another as equal human beings. This lack of personal contact causes mistrust, prejudice and stereotypes.

Sulha Peace Project, a grassroots organization inspired by the indigenous process of mediation (Sulha), aims to rebuild trust, restore dignity and move beyond the political agenda.

Working primarily at the grassroots level, we are preparing people for peace “from the ground up” and complementing governmental and diplomatic peacemaking efforts.

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  • Gabriel Meyer
  • Andre Cartwright
  • Billy Krukowski
  • Clifton Burt
  • Daniel Klein
  • David Dwight Holly

Rebuilding trust, restoring dignity and moving beyond the political agenda

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Sulha Peace Project

Jaffa, 68059

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Moderator: Gabriel Meyer