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Dyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate Associates International

Dyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate Associates International


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  • Ex_judo_177_

    Sean Oldfield is revolutionizing the mortgage industry with innovative equity loans company, Castle Trust.

    Sean Oldfield is a glutton for punishment. In 2002, he gave up a lucrative career in banking to pursue a grueling judo career.

    He travelled around Europe on his motorbike, training in different judo clubs, with the aim of competing in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

    The Australian, who has been living in the UK for the past 12 years, represented his home country at the Canadian and US opens.

    After two years on the road, however, he realized he would never be a world champion.

    “I started training at 19, which is very late,” he explained. “Most guys start when they are three. I realized that if I made it to the Olympics, I would probably get knocked out in the first round and end up penniless.”

    Mr. Oldfield cut his losses and returned to Macquarie Bank, where he stayed for a further four years. But his desire to take on a new challenge then took him to Moscow, where a burgeoning financial services industry was taking hold.

    “I was interested in the mortgage market out there,” he said. “People were trying to buy their homes out of the communist regime. Previously, people had only been able to buy their homes if they had cash. The transfers were literally made with cash, too – big briefcases of the stuff.”

    Mr Oldfield set about starting a company but soon attracted heat from the local gangsters. “I ended up getting shot at,” he said. “In Moscow, you need t...

  • Sea_games__singapore’s_judo_revival_177_

    SINGAPORE: Singapore's 34th and final gold medal at the Myanmar Southeast Asian (SEA) Games was won by judoka Ho Han Boon.

    He took the gold in the men's over-100kg category.

    The hulking 188-kg athlete wants to continue his winning ways at the 2015 Games, which will be hosted by Singapore.

    Ho defeated Thailand's Saknarin Kaewpakdee in the first bout of the round-robin tournament before overcoming Malaysia's Abdul Razak in the final.

    The medal means a lot to the 24-year old, especially as it was his SEA Games debut.

    But Ho admits it won't be an easy task to repeat his win when Singapore plays host in 2015.

    He said: "The pressure is there, especially it (2015 SEA Games) is in the home ground, and opponents now they know what I am going to do. Maybe in 2015, I got to change my way of doing it, change of styles and throws."

    The 1.92m tall giant already knows where he needs to improve if he wants another shot at gold.

    One key factor will be to reduce his weight by at least 20kg for better stability and stamina.

    Ho had trained in Mongolia before the Myanmar competition, and hopes he could get another trip there prior to 2015.

    The Singapore Judo Federation (SJF) has already assembled a squad of about 40 athletes to prepare for the next SEA Games, and some of them have already started training.

    The Federation is looking at fielding up to 20 athletes across 18 events when Singapore plays host.

    SJF is optimistic that at least five or six of the judokas will reach ...

  • Feel Free and Communicate

    The World Judo Day is a special day dedicated to Judo all over the world.

    Thus, if you represent a continental union, a federation, a club or if you are a coach, an educator or a judoka and a judo lover, if you are a judo fan or/and if somebody from your relatives practices judo, you can gather together and participate to the World Judo Day and emphasize the theme of this third edition: Perseverance.

    We have chosen October 28th for many reasons, the main one being that it is the birthday of the founder of Judo: Jigoro Kano. Today, more than 20 million people practice judo around the world on a daily basis. The IJF counts 200 national federations and five continental Unions. There is not a single spot on earth where judo is not practiced. The IJF wanted to dedicate a day to our sport in order to promote our values and our spirit. Judo is more than a sport; it is an educational tool that can help people to live together and to respect one another. Our objective is the increase the number of judo players around the World. You are the actors and the makers of the objective!

    Feel free, to organize an event related to the World Judo Day.


    The World Judo Day must help you to communicate, to share experiences, to attract to your federation, regional league or club, people who have no idea about judo. It must be a powerfull tool of communication towards the public, the local, regional and national authorities and the Media.

  • Contest is a vitally important aspect of judo. Early examples include the Kodokan Monthly Tournament and the biannual Red and White Tournament, both of which started in 1884 and continue to the present day.

    In 1899, Kano was asked to chair a committee of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai to draw up the first formal set of contest rules for jujutsu. These rules were intended to cover contests between different various traditional schools of jujutsu as well as practitioners of Kodokan judo. Contests were 15 minutes long and were judged on the basis of nage waza and katame waza, excluding atemi waza. Wins were by two ippons, awarded for throwing that were the opponent's back strikes flat onto the mat or by pinning them on their back for a "sufficient" amount of time or by submission. Submissions could be achieved via shime-waza or kansetsu-waza. Finger, toe and ankle locks were prohibited. In 1900, these rules were adopted by the Kodokan with amendments made to prohibit all joint locks for kyu grades and added wrist locks to the prohibited kansetsu-waza for dan grades. It was also stated that the ratio of tachi-waza to ne-waza should be between 70% to 80% for kyu grades and 60% to 70% for dan grades.

    In 1916, additional rulings were brought in to further limit kansetsu waza with the prohibition of ashi garami and neck locks, as well as does jime. These were further added to in 1925, in response to Kosen judo, which concentrated on ne waza at the expense of tachi waza. The n...

  • The early history of judo is inseparable from its founder, Japanese polymath and educator Jigoro Kano (1860–1938), born Shinnosuke Kano Kano was born into a relatively affluent family. His father, Jirosaku, was the second son of the head priest of the Shinto Hiyoshi shrine in Shiga Prefecture. He married Sadako Kano, daughter of the owner of Kiku-Masamune sake brewing company and was adopted by the family, changing his name to Kano, and ultimately became an official in the Bakufu government.

    Jigoro Kano had an academic upbringing and, from the age of seven, he studied English, Japanese calligraphy and the Four Confucian Texts under a number of tutors. When he was fourteen, Kano began boarding at an English-medium school, Ikuei-Gijuku in Shiba, Tokyo. The culture of bullying endemic at this school was the catalyst that caused Kano to seek out a Jujutsu dojo (training place) at which to train.

    Early attempts to find a jujutsu teacher who was willing to take him on met with little success. With the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate in the Meiji Restoration of 1868, jujutsu had become unfashionable in an increasingly westernised Japan. Many of those who had once taught the art had been forced out of teaching or become so disillusioned with it that they had simply given up. Nakai Umenari, an acquaintance of Kanō's father and a former soldier, agreed to show him kata, but not to teach him. The caretaker of his father's second house, Katagiri Ryuji, also knew jujutsu, but would not...

  • Classes are held at:

    75 1st Street Orangeville

    (Downstairs next to Mac's Milk.

    Watch for the Millenium Door)

    Teenagers & adults :

    Tuesday & Thursday – 8:00 – 9:30 pm

    Kids 7 - 14:

    Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 - 8:00 pm

    Kids 4 - 6 years:

    Tuesday 6:00 - 6:50 pm

  • Fred Dyke - 5th Degree Blackbelt (Godan)

    Fred began Judo in 1968 while attending university. While he had not excelled in any sport, judo became a major part of his life as he progressed through the various junior ranks until he achieved the coveted level of Black Belt in just two and half years.

    While receiving instruction from top Canadian and Japanese instructors, he competed provincially and nationally for 15 years during which time he won over 40 titles including 10 provincial championships and 3 Eastern Canadian championships. He placed as high as second in National Competition.

    He has been an instructor of judo for almost his entire judo career, helping other clubs and running his own club.

    Fred’s judo success has been helpful in his successful business career. As a management consultant he helps companies and individuals by providing training in many areas of business across North America and other parts of the world.

    He has entertained audiences of 1500 or more using his judo demonstrations to teach valuable life lessons to high school students and company employees.

    Fred is a certified instructor and Fifth degree Black Belt (Go-dan) operating under Judo Ontario and Judo Canada.

  • What is Judo?

    • A great opportunity to enjoy an activity that will improve all areas of your life.
    • Produces strong work ethic and values in kids by teaching respect, self-discipline and cooperation while building confidence.
    • A great family activity.
    • It burns more calories than watching TV
    • Teaches amazing skills and values

    Which is better Judo, karate etc?

    Everybody wants to compare them. They are all good and have advantages and disadvantages depending on use and rules. It is like comparing hockey to baseball-which is better?

    Is it a good thing for kids?

    Yes-the best. Come try it.

Dyman Judo Club is a Family focused Judo Club based in Orangeville Ontario.

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Dyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate Associates International

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