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Design without Borders

Design without Borders

Community, Environment, Poverty

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  • Carbonmade

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    I need to create artwork that will get me to be featured. I have a lot to do. I have just tuned into doing assignments and work for others that I dont do creative stuff for myself anymore. Sad. True.

  • Swayambhu

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    A Meaning

  • Envisage

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    The pristine, the preserved and the perennial

  • ASU creates community forum on world challenges

    Community, Communication Design

    Arizona State University recently launched a community campaign called ASU Challenges to ask people what they thought are the world's greatest challenges. More importantly, the university is also seeking input on solutions.

    The program was created in conjunction with designer Bruce Mau.

    Check out the flash presentation and consider supporting this initiative by telling us what you think our students, faculty and staff should focus on in the years to come.

  • ZUMOS textile products

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Earlier this week I visited Oslo's Design and Architecture Centre DogA and met with Karsten Gjefle of NorksForm and non-profit Design Without Borders. During our meeting he showed me some beautiful products from ZUMOS.

    ZUMOS is a team of Maya Tz’utuhil weavers from San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala, who have been working with norwegian designer Heidi Strøm, creating innovative textile products.

    The collection contains low volumes of unique, handmade pieces, carefully controlled to ensure high quality, exclusive designs. A collection of tablerunners, ties, scarfs and document/laptop cases will soon be on sale in Norway.

    ‘Zumos’ translates to mean the qualities of strength, essence, vigour and vitality inherent, in this case, in the pieces and the women who create them. In supporting Zumos you serve to economically empower the women directly by providing them with a fair income.



    Education, Communication Design


    Own country strawberry, another country blueberry. This old Finnish proverb is often recalling in the attitude towards immigrants. However, we are on the point that the immigrant is a strawberry! He has interesting ideas and concepts. He will bring a new culture and different perspectives on usual things.

    Roni Tran, Wilson Kirwa, Batulo Esak and 11 other new Finns explains why they came to Finland from Vietnam, Somalia, India, Turkey, Palestine, Kenya, Russia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Burma, Afghanistan, Kosovasta and Cambodia, and how they are survive here. Uzi Varon's photographs of interviewees giving artistic value to the book.

    The book is recommended as teaching material for secondary schools and for everybody who want to learn about immigrants in Finland.Suomalaisia has been issued by Lasten Keskus ( and available in book stores.

    Hot Snow worked on its general design layout and page setting. We are enjoyed to work in tight collaboration with book authors, Marja Airola, Anne Tarsalainen and Uzi Varon.

    SUOMALAISIA teacher resource Airola, Marja; Tarsalainen, Anne Publisher: Lasten Keskus Given date / year of publishing: 15.10.2008 ISBN: 9789516277533 Skills applied: Art direction, Graphic design Client: Lasten Keskus 2008

  • Exterior Design

    Community, Environmental Design


    Geo-functionality and Bio-diverse?

  • Cross Functionality

    Communication, Communication Design


    A Design Principle?

  • Thanksgiving

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    In toto

  • Diversify

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Turnkeys, Trends and Tales from Far and Near

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