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  • illustration for a book

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    illustration for a poetry book

  • illustration for book

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    i have designed this illustration for a poetry book.


    Communication, Communication Design


    This is my entry!

  • Conspicuous

    Environment, Environmental Design


    By Absence

  • How To Create Posters That Are Eco-Friendly

    Environment, Communication Design

    Being environmentally friendly is the hottest motto these days, we can all see that. There is no longer any point in turning a blind eye to rising concerns like climate change, pollution control, species extinction and other crucial issues which are already starting to come back and haunt us. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that even in the publishing or marketing industry, practices such as poster printing are undertaken in support of the environment. Printed posters are produced in the millions and billions all over the world. This in turn translates to several million tons of paper and gallons of toxic ink that will eventually end up in waste dumps.

    But just as a small act of irresponsibility can build up into one big dump of waste, so too can the little steps we take to support the environment build up and make a big difference in saving the planet.

    Here is a simple step-by-step guide to design and print eco-friendly posters.

    1. Browse successful eco-friendly posters. The first thing to do is research or gather information about successful eco-friendly posters. They are easily accessible from the Internet. This research will help get information in terms of each poster's design concept, materials used and overall purpose of the poster's campaign. Most of these eco-friendly posters are printed on recycled materials and so printing them in bulk doesn't hurt as much compared to printing normal promotional posters. The point of learning about other eco-posters is so ...

  • Languages Matter

    Communication, Communication Design


    I tried to form a lip using about 100 languages for the poster contest.

  • Languages Matter.



    This is my first poster work at design 21. Please do vote for it if u like it. :)

  • Lightening!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Spurs and shelters

  • Sign_of_peace_132_


    The High Contracting Parties, animated by the purpose of giving conventional form to the postulates of the Resolution approved on December 16, 1933, by all the States represented at the Seventh International Conference of American States, held at Montevideo, which recommended to "the Governments of America which have not yet done so that they sign the 'Roerich Pact', initiated by the Roerich Museum in the United States, and which has as its object, the universal adoption of a flag, already designed and generally known, in order thereby to preserve in any time of danger all nationally and privately owned immovable monuments which form the cultural treasure of peoples", have resolved to conclude a treaty with that end in view, and to the effect that the treasures of culture be respected and protected in time of war and in peace, have agreed upon the following articles:

    ARTICLE I The historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions shall be considered as neutral and as such respected and protected by belligerents. The same respect and protection shall be due to the personnel of the institutions mentioned above. The same respect and protection shall be accorded to the historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions in time of peace as well as in war.

    ARTICLE II The neutrality of, and protection and respect d...

  • artistic design

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    To design the part to conceptual and technical level, make it using different techniques, to make an installation in which there is some interaction photographed trying to capture the moment and make an instant concept with which to convey the interaction between the workpiece and the environment designed

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