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Design without Borders

Design without Borders

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    Some thing that i believe and thought worth sharing.

    Culture as I believe is a unified expression of various Practices and Art forms that human race has developed collectively and individually over a course of time. And various parameters viz The geographic location, climate he is facing, beliefs and his learning many a time dictate the nature of the culture.

    This logo here tries to abstractly express the diversity in human culture with the artistic curves representing human at different sizes (depicting diversity), the other lines are added to complete the composition and to give it an artistic festive outlook. And this simplified expression can become more vibrant with the change in the color of the line, so that one can look at color as a metaphor to the culture. With this the different colors in the same composition can depict the cultural diversity.

    To summarize this, logo here as I believe reflects the very nature of an event, as it can be read as an Abstract Art, a Musical note, a Dancing human. Because any culture in this world becomes incomplete without these basic expressions.

    As far as the usage of the logo is concerned it can be composed of either several colors or a single color representing particular culture. It can also be simplified to a black and white so that its usage for the letterheads and other print media is justified. The posters and flags can be developed with the different colors, so that they speak out cultural diversity loudly.

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