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    The Armadillo facemask and vest has been nominated for the Brit Insurance Product Award 2009. You can vote for it to win the Blog Vote, by voting at in the categorgy Product. The de-mining equipment project was initiated by Design without Borders and carried out by Kode Design.

    The next generation protection equipment targets the working conditions of manual deminers. The redesigned vest and visor reduce loss of lives and casualties in mine affected populations through faster and more effective clearing of landmines.

    Landmines affects people in 80 countries around the world. The only way to make mine infected areas habitable again is to remove the mines. Manual mine clearance is a cheap and flexible method for mine removal. Ensuring and supporting security and efficiency in the operation are vital tasks for the equipment that the people working in the mine fields use.

    The redesigned equipment increases efficiency in mine clearance operations as the work situation for the deminers is greatly improved. The equipment is competetive on prize, and is already ordered by several private and NPA demining teams. The project has won several national and international design awards. The equipment is marketed by ROFI under the brand name Armadillo.

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