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Design without Borders

Design without Borders

Community, Environment, Poverty

626 Supporters

  • Alison Causer

    Alison Causer

    Brooklyn, NY, United States

    Designer (Interior Design)


  • Alison Keohane

    Alison Keohane

    Savannah, Georgia, United States

    Alison thinks Design needs to step up the fierce-ness.

  • ricardo faria

    ricardo faria

    aveiro, Portugal

    Designer (Product Design)

    the true designer helps the world by revealing holistic truths

  • Alodie Penarubia

    Alodie Penarubia

    Burlington, ON, Canada

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Design need not only be about style. It can also be about substance.

  • Amal Ma'ani-Hessari

    Amal Ma'ani-Hessari

    Pietermaritzburg, KwazuluNatal, South Africa

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    In 2012 we helped launch more than 150 brands across 5 continents in over 45 industry sectors

  • Amindolina


    Detroit, MI, United States

    Designer (Product Design)

  • Amit Patel

    Amit Patel

    Los Angeles, California, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Design + Programming + Art

  • Amna


    Islamabad, Pakistan

    Designer (Web Design)

    A Persistant Illusion

  • Amrita Dasgupta

    Amrita Dasgupta

    New York City, NY, United States

    Designer (architecture)

    To be updated by member

  • Ana María Ramírez

    Ana María Ramírez

    Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

    Designer (Accessories)

Design and designers can make a significant contribution towards a better and more sustainable society

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