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  • False job advertisements found circulating campus

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    With the rise of the Internet as an important tool in the arsenal of the modern college student, it is important to be wary of its potential dangers. Although many use the Internet as a tool to learn and communicate, there are those who use it for financial gain at the expense of others. One such way users do this is through false job postings.

    On Tuesday, Nov. 12, a false job posting that had been posted on bulletin boards in a number of buildings on the University of Maine campus was discovered. A student who immediately recognized that the flyer was fraudulent brought it to the attention of the UMaine Career Center. After the ad was verified as a fraud, it was quickly removed from all bulletin boards on campus.

    Cathy Marquez is the assistant director for employer relations at the UMaine Career Center, and upon discovering the false ad, she posted a message on the FirstClass email system to warn students.

    “I looked at it and there’s no question that it’s got all the characteristics of a job scam,” Marquez said. “Easy work, no qualifications — you just have to be 18 years old, work from your laptop and it’s $19.95 to get you started. Money up front.”

    The advertisement was posted as an opportunity to work for a fictional company called Page131. According to the advertisement, the company is looking for people for “easy work, consisting of simple tasks like filling out online survey forms and reading company email.”

    It goes one step further by adding that if the job is perfect if the employee is a “college student, want[s] flexible income or [has] a job and need[s] extra income.” Continue reading

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