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The Sallan Foundation Inc.

The Sallan Foundation Inc.

Communication, Community, Environment

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MISSION: The Sallan Foundation improves the urban environment by advancing useful knowledge for greener, high performance cities.

GOAL: Envision emerging ideas and practices for high performance cities. OBJECTIVE: Broadcast useful ideas about greener cities. STRATEGIES: Write Torchlights — commentaries on topical urban green issues. Commission Snapshots — articles about high performance ideas and practices. Commission articles about Sallan-sponsored events.

GOAL: Foster an informed public that gives priority to high performance urban agendas. OBJECTIVE: Refine and disseminate useful knowledge for developing greener cities. STRATEGIES: Host forums with experts and advocates to identify and develop core green urban issues. Convene high performance scholars and practitioners to refine useful knowledge. Undertake speaking engagements.

GOAL: Cultivate effective advocacy for greener cities. OBJECTIVE: Fuse useful knowledge, support and collaboration to advance a high performance agenda. STRATEGIES: Host events that bring together experts, advocates and decision makers. Participate on boards, task forces and advisory groups that advocate for greener cities. Host Sallan Salons; invitation-only meetings for developing issue-specific action plans.

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  • Nancy Anderson
  • Bernardo Farill
  • eve mosher
  • Malcolm Lawrence
  • Mark Atkinson
  • Max Gerald Guillaume

useful knowledge for greener cities

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The Sallan Foundation Inc.

New York, NY United States

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Moderator: Nancy Anderson