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Mario Madrid Law

Mario Madrid Law

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    Houston Fraud Attorney

    When you have been accused of fraud, the charge can seem quite complicated. There are many different types of fraud in Houston, each with its own definition and its own set of penalties. It is essential to hire a Houston fraud attorney when facing a fraud charge so that you can understand the type of fraud you are being charged with and what penalties you will be facing.

    Various Types of Fraud

    The criminal charge of fraud covers a variety of crimes. The following are the different types of fraud charges that that one can arrested for:

    • Check Forgery • Credit Card Fraud • Credit Fraud • Identity Theft

    Check forgery is charged when:

    • You steal an unsigned check with the intent of using it as if it were yours • You sign/fill in a check that does not belong to you and pass it off as if it was yours without the owner’s authorization • You can be charged with this offense just by possessing the check, even if you were not the one who stole it.

    Credit card fraud is charged when:

    • You use a credit/debit card you know has expired or been canceled. • You use a credit/debit card that does not belong to you without the owner’s permission • You possess a credit/debit card that does not belong to you and intend to use it • You buy, sell, or accept a credit/debit card that you know is stolen property • You convince someone who does not have the means to pay for something to use their credit/debit card to buy it

    Credit fr...

Mario Madrid is a fifth generation Texan who at his core is a trial lawyer who finds it a great honor to defend the rights of the accused.

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