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Alti Meter Group International Research

Alti Meter Group International Research

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    Advisory sessions offer clients the opportunity to engage in a discussion with an Altimeter analyst on a specific issue around disruptive trends. These sessions typically revolve around existing or ongoing research that the analyst is doing. These advisory sessions can be done onsite with the client, in our offices in San Mateo, California, or over the phone, and range in length from 30 minutes to a full day. Longer sessions typically include a preparatory call to discuss needs and expectations.

    Some examples of issues addressed in past advisory sessions include the following:

    • Regularly scheduled calls to discuss the latest market development or issue the client may be facing

    • As needed advisory calls to discuss shifts in the competitive landscape or the value of adopting an emerging technology

    • Product strategy review, licensing and pricing strategy, and external and internal positioning

  • Alti Meter Group International Research: Research Themes

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    Four Disruption Themes for Business

    As an analyst and research firm focused on disruptive business trends, our clients and others frequently ask us what we are paying attention to and what we are researching. With this in mind, below we announce a few key disruptive themes that have the potential to significantly impact organizations and consumers during the next three years.

    Everything Digital: An increasingly digital landscape – including data, devices, platforms and experiences – that will envelop consumers and businesses.

    Everything Digital is the increasingly digital environment that depends on an evolving ecosystem of interoperable data, devices, platforms – experienced by people and business. It’s larger than the scope of Internet of Things, as it’s pervasive or ambient – not defined only by networked sensors and objects, but including capabilities such as airborne power grids or wireless power everywhere. Everything Digital serves as the backdrop for our next three themes.

    Me-cosystem: The ecosystem that revolves around “me,” our data, and technologies that will deliver more relevant, useful, and engaging experiences using our data.

    Wearable devices, near-field communications, or gesture-based recognition are just a few of the technologies that will make up an organic user interface for our lives, not just a single digital touchpoint. Digital experiences will be multiplied by new screen types, and virtual or augmented reality. Individuals ...

  • Alti Meter Group International Research: Research Agenda

    Communication, Communication Design


    Q3 2013

    Defining and Mapping Native Advertising by Rebecca Lieb Coverage Area: Advertising, Media, Content

    Everyone’s talking about native advertising, but the market has yet to coalesce around a single definition or understand how it differs from existing models like advertorials or branded/sponsored content. Based on interviews with brands, agencies, and domain experts, this report will provide a market definition of native advertising, with benefits, best practices, and challenges, as well as provide a taxonomy of product offerings from social platforms, technology vendors and publishers.

    Social Media Education: How Companies Reduce Risk and Activate Employee Advocacy by Charlene Li Coverage Area: Social Business, Dynamic Organization

    Employees across the enterprise are participating in social media, both personally and professionally. To reduce risk and activate employee advocacy, companies need to approach social media training and education strategically. This report will provide a four-tier approach to social media education for: 1) risk mitigation, 2) practitioner best practices, 3) employee activation, and 4) executive engagement.

    Q4 2013

    Vendor Overview: Content Marketing Software by Rebecca Lieb Coverage Area: Content Marketing, MEcosystem

    As content marketing and content strategy grow in importance and adoption, a plethora of tools and technologies have appeared to help store, manage, share, curate, aggregate, produce, publish and syndicate conten...

  • Alti Meter Group International Research: Research

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    Research is at the center of what we do at Altimeter — read our published Research Reports. We focus our research on how disruptive trends can be used by organizations. The research we conduct results in a variety of outputs, ranging from formal reports and books to presentations and webinars.

    But we do more than just follow a rigorous research process — we also believe in Open Research, which allows us to release reports under Creative Commons. This means that you can use it in your planning, presentations, and blog posts. You can download the reports and presentations directly from SlideShare.

    Open Research also means that we are transparent in our research process. We disclose who we spoke with during our report research phase, as well as how we collected the data. We also disclose who we do business with to the extent we are allowed within each client relationship. At the core, we have a strong sense of integrity, and we strive to be objective in our analysis. The editing process our reports go through helps ensure we are being as objective as possible.

    Under no circumstances will we accept payment to write a favorable review of a product. We engage in commissioned research and provide citations only if we can ensure that our objectivity is not only practiced but also perceived.

    If you would like to brief an Altimeter analyst about your company, please visit our Briefings page to find out more about our current research streams and also how to submit a br...

  • Alti Meter Group International Research: About

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    Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and business models.

    We share our independent research on business disruptions via research reports, webinars, speeches, and more. We also offer advisory services to business leaders who wish to explore the specific implications of these disruptions within their organizations.

    The Altimeter Difference

    • Research-Based: Our methodologies and best practice recommendations are based on both quantitative and qualitative research.

    • Holistic Approach: Our strategy examines both engagement with external audiences, and internal process and technology development required to ensure success.

    • Experience: Our analysts each have years of experience in deployment on the buyer side or as analysts at other firms.

    Fast Facts

    • Altimeter Group was formed in June 2008 by Charlene Li.

    • We have 20 employees, consisting primarily of Industry Analysts, Senior Consultants, Researchers, and operational staff.

    • Our headquarters, dubbed “The Hangar,” is located in San Mateo, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with team members on the East Coast as well.

    • Altimeter was named by Fast Company as one of “The Five Most Creative Small Businesses in 2010.”

    • We have over 100 active clients and count 12 of the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average companies as having been our clients.


Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions.

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