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Deep Blue Group Divers

Deep Blue Group Divers


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    Complete Equipment Repair and Service Rates:

    Dear Diver:

    The diving equipment you have purchased is very important to your safety and enjoyment. It is necessary to review your equipment on a regular basis to insure it's optimum performance. This will save you time, money and frustration if you follow a regular Preventative Maintenance Schedule (PMS). Our outline in this newsletter will help you learn and understand this PMS process. Remember your warranty requires annual inspection at our repair facilities and does include service parts when an overhaul is required if you maintain this inspection process. Come in and see us at the repair facility when your annual is due.

    Regulator Maintenance

    When a scuba regulator is new it is put through an eight point inspection process to insure it's proper performance. This is done by a factory trained staff member of your local dive store. When you buy your regulator from an authorize dealer this $100 insurance process is included as a part of the purchase. Each year thereafter your authorized dealer will perform this same inspection under the warranty. After a year and no more than a two year period your regulator may need an overhaul maintenance. Your store's certified repair technician will perform this overhaul by inspecting, disassembly, cleaning in an acid, lubricating, reassembling and bench testing your regulator. Your old external scratches will still remain but internally and performance wise your regulator will be like ne...

Deep Blue Group Divers

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Deep Blue Group Divers

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