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Hope Equity

Hope Equity

Community, Environment, Poverty

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Perhaps your family's roots grow deep in the Delta soil. Perhaps you labored as a Peace Corps volunteer in the hot African sun. Perhaps you've suffered a wrenching loss to HIV/AIDS. You are already invested in these places and causes.

Maybe you are committed to protecting the earth's dwindling resources and are an avid recycler. Maybe you are committed to supporting small farmers and buy local whenever you can. Again, you are already "invested."

Now there's something else you can do to make a lasting difference: create an online portfolio for social change. Hope Equity. Tell us what matters most to you, and we'll help you make a difference.

Hope Equity is modeled on the concept of a financial portfolio, allowing you to "invest" in endowment funds for one or more chosen countries or causes where Heifer International is involved. In addition to your financial portfolio positioned in stocks, bonds and futures, your Hope Equity portfolio might include funds positioned in Asia, gender equity and the environment. Much like a shareholder, you will receive full reports on your portfolio's performance. Through, you can monitor how your funds grow, add to your position, delight in the stories and photos of your "return on investment," and meet other investors in the Hope Equity community who share your interests.

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  • Jeremy Glover
  • Brian Stokes
  • Haruko Smith
  • Julia Quick
  • Malcolm Lawrence
  • Mark Atkinson

invest in the end of hunger and poverty

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Hope Equity

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