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Newport International Group Projects Company

Newport International Group Projects Company

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  • Newport International Group Projects Company: TOURS BY NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL

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    Newport International Travel was founded in 1986 and is owned by Newport International Projects Co. Inc; M. Esat Kadaster is the CEO. We are the innovators of unique, high quality, and imaginative tours of Turkey, emphasizing an exceptionally rich history and the colorful lives of her people.

    Engin Kadaster, Vice President and Manager, has over 25 years of experience in the tourism field, 10 years of which she spent in the ancient and new cities and villages of Turkey, first as a tour guide, then as an archaeologist, and as a General Manager of a travel organization at the "receiving end" of tour operations there.

    She studied the customs of different regions in Turkey for many years, and used this information in her itineraries and in lectures given at Turkish Tourist Guide Association seminars, where she taught students training to become Licensed Tour Guides.

    Engin was asked to guide several heads of state and royal families in their tours of famous sites of antiquity. She has the personal experience of having arranged and managed all phases of travel, and of having designed unique itineraries for Asia Minor.

    The staff of Newport International Travel, by the very nature of the selection and training process since 1986, encompasses an outstanding and dedicated team. The answers to your tour questions, the bookings, and the service will be provided by competent, pleasant, experienced, knowledgeable and caring international travel professionals.

    We have seen attempts, over the years, by others to imitate our creative itineraries; but, our quality, expertise, and dedication cannot be matched. We have earned the reputation of being the top caliber U.S.-owned tour operator for Turkey.

    Why go on a Newport International Travel tour? Because you deserve the best program, service, and value!

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Newport International Group Projects Company

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