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Deep Blue Publications Group

Deep Blue Publications Group

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    Unlike Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men, we trust that you can handle the truth. No matter your age, securing a comfortable retirement is a huge concern. Folks want the whole truth about their financial outlook, but straight answers are hard to come by.

    Both sides of the mainstream media habitually present opinion-tainted partial facts. Case in point: the unemployment numbers announced earlier this month. One side is cheering because unemployment dropped to a six-year low, while the other side is calling it pure fraud.

    I found author and libertarian-about-town Wayne Root’s remarks in a recent article for The Blaze particularly telling:

    The middle class isn’t getting richer, it’s getting poorer…

    The only people being hired are your grandparents. 230,000 of the new jobs went to those in the 55-to-69-year-old age group. In the prime working age group of 24 to 54 years old, 10,000 jobs were lost…

    It means grandma and grandpa are desperate and willing to take grandson’s low wage job to survive until Social Security kicks in. The US workforce is now the oldest in history. And if grandpa has to work (out of desperation) until the day he dies, there will never be any decent jobs for the grandkids.

    Here’s the part Root gets wrong: Baby boomers are not working until Social Security kicks in. They’re working well past that point, because they feel they must. Smart boomers know they can’t afford to wait until robust interest rates return; they’re tak...

  • There are some rules of thumb to adopt. I can't promise to make you rich but in time, you should be a bit better off. If you are investing for the long term – 10 years or more – these eight tips might help:

    1 How much risk are you truly willing to take? Peace of mind is priceless. If you can't bear losing a quarter of your money in a year or two, don't invest in shares. They can plummet.

    2 Many people do not realise they need to save a good chunk of money over a significant period of time to end up with a decent nest egg. Magic shares that go up 50 or 100 fold are extremely rare. Compound interest is your best friend and will multiply your money over time, preferably feeding it through regular savings or top-ups if your income is variable. Saving €50 to €100 per month might feel virtuous but is it enough for your investment goals?

    You need a fund of approximately €350,000 to give you an income of €18,000 per annum (half the average industrial wage) at the age of 65.

    Even €200 a month over 30 years wouldn't get you to a €350,000 target. If you saved €200 a month into an average managed fund from January 1984 to January 2014, you would have built up a fund of €268,000 at the start of this year – that's assuming the fund made a return of 9.4 per cent a year and had an annual management fee of 1.7 per cent.

    3 If you're a taxpayer, don't forget that long-term investment is a no-brainer. Saving through a pension gives you a tax break of either 20 or 41 pe...

  • Deep Blue NRG Group: An economical heat source

    Environment, Industrial Design


    THE installation of a biomass boiler to create heating from linseed bales at a Gloucestershire farm is proving much cheaper to run than the farm’s previous oil-fired system. Geoff Ashcroft reports.

    When it comes to retaining heat, most traditional farmhouses are about as effective as holding warmth as a colander is at holding water.

    For Gloucestershire farmer Simon Righton of Old Farm, Dorn, the sevenbedroom, single-glazed farmhouse which forms part of the farm tenancy, is one that, until 12 months ago, has proved costly to heat.

    “Parts of the property date back to the 15th century, though most of it is 17th century,” he says. “And building methods and materials from that period weren’t quite as energy efficient as they are today.

    “We would typically spend about £6,000/year on heating oil,” he says. “And even then, the house wouldn’t be generously heated. And with the price of heating oil increasing in the long-term, our farmhouse running costs were set to spiral out of control. If the place cools down, it takes weeks to warm up properly,” he says.

    In addition to family requirements, Old Farm operates a farm shop, and provides a farmhouse B and B enterprise too.

    “We looked at several renewable energy systems, including wood chip, logs and other resources,” he says. “Woodchip looked good value but I would have to give up a large barn to keep the fuel dry. “What I really wanted was to use a fuel-source that we could produce ourselves, and straw was ...

  • Eurozone recovery fades as growth stalls

    Communication, Communication Design


    Europe’s revival from 18 months of recession caught up in the third quarter as exports slowed and the region’s second-biggest economy turnaround.

    Over the preceding quarter the 17-nation eurozone’s initial estimate of GDP demonstrated growth of just 0.1%, when the economy grew by 0.3% subsequent to the contracting for six successive quarters through the depths of the region’s debt crisis.

    Analysts were foreseeing growth would deliberate as one-off factors like a seasonal bounce back in German construction dull, but the regional figures were getting frailer compare to some had expected. Germany’s rate of growth more than halved to 0.3%, while the French economy shrank by 0.1%.

    The numbers verifies doubts that the eurozone is currently under pressure to generate any actual momentum, as record levels of unemployment, weak investment, tight credit conditions and government austerity are weighing on demand.

    In September, industrial production and retail sales both drop, and price rises plunged to 0.7%. That encouraged the European Central Bank to slash interest rates to a fresh record low preceding week in an attempt to stop the region falling into deflation and stagnation.

    And ECB President Mario Draghi said the bank was ready to take further measures, including another rate cut, if the move fails to have the desired effect.

    Unemployment won’t start falling until 2015 at the earliest, according to recent EU forecasts. The European Commission has trimmed it...

  • A global survey showed that consumer confidence in the United States reached a six-year high in the third quarter, as prospects for jobs and personal finances improved, and also rose sharply in Europe.

    In a quarterly survey by global information and insights company Nielsen, Americans were among the majority optimistic consumers, this reflects rising confidence that the world’s leading economy is a on a continuous growth path. U.S. stockmarkets have lifted record highs, generating a wealth result that has also made consumers more enthusiastic to spend.

    Released Wednesday last week, the survey was taken before a 16-day partial government shutdown early this month which economists expect will hurt U.S. economic growth in the fourth quarter.

    “In the United States, the labor market is slowly healing, and low interest rates are helping the housing market come back and bringing up the stock market, which is perhaps especially beneficial to higher-income consumers with more assets,” said Venkatesh Bala, chief economist at The Cambridge Group, a part of Nielsen.

    “It’s still going to be a slow climb – we’re not going to see huge growth rates – but this improvement is recurring and it is sustainable.”

    Indonesia continued to be the most bullish consumer market worldwide, next are the Philippines and India, as in the preceding quarter, but confidence levels in all three up-and-coming markets hollowed. It also dipped in Brazil.

    From the previous three months at 94,...

  • Build knowledge Build confidence Build wealth

    Community, Environmental Design

    Like everyone else, you probably also would like to make more money – which is totally alright. We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that building wealth requires a lot of perseverance and diligent work.

    You might have already taken a look at some stock market systems or subscribed to highly-reputed tip sheets and realized they just don't cut it. There are many scammers out there, whether online or offline -- who will give worthless advice to individual investors. This is merely one of many reasons I do not give advice – just my own personal insight founded on statistical analysis and conservative intrinsic assessment.

    At Deep Blue Publications Group LLC, we show you how we are creating wealth for the long-term, a single day at a time, by following simple stock market investing principles. If you already have an operating portfolio, we do hope that our track record – gains as well as losses – can aid you attain your goals.

    If you have not invested in the stock market investing but just now planning on doing so, you can see what it is all about, what you can derive from it and find out what it takes to make proper decisions on your own without risking any money: follow Deep Blue Publications Group LLC without having to constantly check for updates as you will be notified by email whenever new content is uploaded.


  • Bookkeeping Tips for Business Owners

    Communication, Communication Design

    Source Link

    Plan for major expenses. You will probably overlook business opportunities or have to mix up for a loan when the expenses become inescapable.

    A year in advance or, preferably, three to five years ahead, put events like a major computer upgrade on the calendar. Admit the cyclic ups and downs, something many entrepreneurs are unwilling to do.

    “This helps you to be honest about the fact that it’s coming and plan for it,” says James LeMay, a director with the accounting firm Daigle & Associates in Boston.

    Track expenses. You or else could fail to spot some tax write-offs and might lose out on others.

    A credit card that you use solely for business can be a basic accounting system, says Raffaele Mari, an accountant in Newport Beach, Calif., who teaches a financial course for entrepreneurs at Pepperdine University.

    For you to be able to see which outlays relate to which business activities, most card statements categorize expenses. If you always use your business credit card for business expenses you’re less likely to pay cash.

    Additionally, Mari says, routinely jot down business trips, lunches, coffee dates and other events with cash outlays in your electronic or paper day planner. This habit can go a long way toward substantiating those items for your tax records in the event of an audit.

    “Often on tax returns, those numbers are too round. No one drives exactly 5,000 miles for business in a year, so the IRS knows this is an estimate,” Mari says. “In...

  • 5 Useful Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

    Community, Environmental Design

    You have to make sure you stay focused on accounting when running a small business. Your company will tumble down before it succeeds, if you don’t manage debt, receivables, and marketing expenses accurately.

    You can keep your company by putting into practice trouble-free bookkeeping approach.

    Weigh the options very carefully of bookkeeper against DIY accounting. Despite the fact that entrepreneurs could feel ready to act as head of accounting, sales, and marketing at the same time to cut costs, it may help to hire a bookkeeper. It can assist you on knowing someone with experience and has the best understanding is working on your books. To begin, you can employ someone part time or maybe as a freelancer, therefore you are not paying a full time wage for these services. As an option, the U.S. Small Business Administration offers assistance with managing expenses on your own, while free accounting software from lets you crunch the numbers on your own.

    Continue accounts receivable payments apart from borrowed funds. Small business owners need financial backing and/or loans for startup capital, marketing campaigns, and other initial things in the early on first days. To be certain the loans won’t appear in the receivables, make use of the software that separates income from borrowed funds. Don’t mislay sight of what is yours and what needs paying back.

    Remember not to permit clients to leave with not paying balances. Observing a large amount in the receivable...

  • According to Dutch bank Rabobank, it has agreed to pay fines of 774m euros ($1bn; £662m) imposed by US, UK and Dutch regulators over the Libor interest rate-fixing scandal.

    The bank added that its chief executive, Piet Moerland, had stepped down.

    To set trillions of dollars of financial contracts, Libor rates are used.

    These comprise many car loans and mortgages, and this also includes complex financial transactions around the whole world.

    From the time of the year 2012 in the wake of Barclays’ £290m ($454m) fine by US and UK authorities, regulators have been investigating the exploitation of Libor inter-bank lending rates.

    A thread of international banks has been concerned in the matter, while more than a few criminal charges have been conveyed in opposition to traders.

    Tracey McDermott Director of enforcement and financial crime, FCA said “Traders and submitters treated Libor submissions as a possible method to make money, with no look upon for the truthfulness of the market.”

    ‘Extremely disappointing’

    The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said it had fined Rabobank £105m for “serious, prolonged and widespread misconduct relating to Libor”.

    The £105m fine is the third-highest on record by the FCA or its predecessor, the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

    The FCA said the bank’s “poor internal controls” encouraged collusion between its traders and Libor submitters and attempts at benchmark manipulation.

    Rabobank did not fully addres...

  • Deutsche bank: Fifteen shades of fraud

    Communication, Communication Design


    I was a bit sated with tales about banksters from Cyprus. How about Deutsche Bank, the biggest bank of Europe, sweetheart of the German government and, Lehman style, “Chief Executive Officer Josef Ackermann, who has referred to plans to control bank size “misguided,” and who will bequeath a balance sheet about 40 percent larger than in 2006, and over 80 percent as huge as Germany’s economy, when he leaves his post in May. The bank is the second most-leveraged and third least-capitalized of Europe’s 10 largest banks”. A quick Google search on ‘Deutsche Bank’ and ‘Fraud’ revealed the next fifteen links:

    1. The biggest criminal tax-fraud persecution in history

    2. Deutsche bank expels unethical traders to re-establish its credibility, the unnamed employees were engaged in a profitable “tax carousel” trading system for carbon-emissions credits.

    3. “Federal officials state that Deutsche Bank has complied with the payment of over $550 million to settle a federal tax shelter fraud inquiry.”

    4. Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, UBS and Depfa Bank Plc were charged and sentenced by a Milan court for their part in supervising fraud by their employees in the sale of derivatives to the city of Milan.

    5. Welcome to Deutsche Bank Fraud Exposed. Illegal foreclosures (and evictions) are widely known as being prevalent all over the nation.

    6. Pakistani family files fraud case versus Deutsche Bank.

    7. German police raids offices of Deutsche Bank in connection with tax fraud investigation...

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