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  • Real_estate_asset_restructuring_177_

    Central American Retail Holding Company (CARCHO) - Merger Integration

    The Situation *Retailer operating 50,000 square foot stores needed to retain its good real estate locations but also needed to downsize its store level operating space to a smaller format *Some locations were owned and some were leased *Most of the leased locations had below market rental rates *The retailer was operating in bankruptcy

    The Solution *Transition stores to a 25,000 square foot format and, in the process, subdivide the stores *Simultaneously offer these stores for sublease

    The Results *Completed 80 full remodels, 135 reconfigurations *Subleased approximately 50 stores to third-party retail tenants *Negotiated consensual arrangement with landlords to allow subleases *Generated $15 million in incremental income *Downsizing to smaller stores

    CorlissMoore principals bring years of senior executive experience - we know and understand the issues faced by boards, management and stakeholders in today's turbulent economy. More cost effective and responsive than larger firms, CorlissMoore helps clients navigate through challenging, unique or crisis situations, plan for future growth, develop an appropriate strategy, and lead and execute that strategy. Whether serving as interim management or working on a project basis, CorlissMoore offers relevant insight along with our pledge to do so in a timely and efficient manner.

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    IT'S time to come clean about our dirty credit card habits and how we can avoid them eroding our wealth.

    While we've all been slowly reducing our <a href="">outstanding credit card balances</a>, with $34 billion still owing, they remain the scourge of most families.

    It's fair to say credit cards are the most potent weapon of mass financial destruction since the loan shark. Their convenience and flexibility means it's so easy for them to get out of hand and lead to serious financial distress.

    We need to be vigilant in ensuring our credit cards work for us and don't destroy our finances. To avoid getting into trouble in the first place, or get back in control of an existing debt, here are our five golden rules for using credit cards.

    1. Pay off the most expensive debt first

    This is a basic part of <a href="">financial management</a>, but still so many people put their money in different piles without realizing it's costing them in interest. When you have a high interest debt, such as an big credit card balance, paying it off must be your priority.

    If that pile of expensive debt looks like it'll take a while to pay off, consider moving the balance on to your lowest interest rate loan. If this transfer carries a fee, you can use an online calculator to do some rough sums to make su...

  • Financial_tips_for_boomers_looking_to_retire_abroad_177_

    As baby boomers continue to redefine retirement, many are looking to settle abroad to launch the next chapter in their life.

    Whether you are seeking a warmer climate, better tax advantages or more adventure, financial planners say retiring to a foreign land can present a number of financial challenges.

    To help create a retirement guidebook for boomers looking to leave the country to live out their golden years, I spoke with Michael Ward, CEO of USForex - North America and Europe, who detailed how retirees can preserve their income and avoid losing money when living abroad. Here’s what he had to say:

    Boomer: How can baby boomers retiring abroad avoid transferred retirement funds being hit by exorbitant bank fees?

    Ward: The good thing for anyone looking to transfer money overseas is that there are plenty of providers to choose from. Among these, many low-cost options from reliable non-bank providers are available to convert your U.S. dollars into foreign currency.

    The exchange rate for your transfer can and does vary between providers, so be sure to compare the total cost of your international money transfer. Make sure to ask providers beforehand for the "customer rate" and their fees so you can identify the best pricing options for your budget.

    Also, ask if you can lock in a binding exchange rate today for a future transfer. If the exchange rate is in your favor that month, the binding exchange rate may save you a little extra.

    Finally, it’s important to f...

  • Tokyo investors to focus on US debt woes this week

    Tokyo sijoittajat oleskelu keskittyi Yhdysvaltain hallituksen shutdown tällä viikolla pelot kasvaessa voisi johtaa tuhoisa velka default ja maailmantalouden valtava iskua. Nikkei's 0.94 prosenttia luistaa perjantai kuukauden alhainen päättyi viikossa, että näin menettää 4,98 prosenttia eli 735.76 pistettä, 14,024.31, niin juuttuneena Washington vertailuindeksi hallitsi otsikoita. Laajempi Topix indeksi ensimmäisen osan osakkeista laski 4.41 prosenttia eli 53.70 pistettä, viikolla 1,163.82. "Pelaajat pitää silmällä Yhdysvaltain talousarvion pattitilanne ensi viikolla," sanoi Kenzaburo Suwa, strategi Okasan Securities. "Mutta näemme pikainen loppu umpikujaan (presidentti Barack) Obama näyttää vakavia peruuttamalla keskeinen konferensseja ulkomailla" Suwa lisätty.

    Obama lakkautettu aikoo osallistua Aasian Tyynenmeren taloudellisen yhteistyön (APEC) huippukokousta Balissa ja sekä East Asia Summitin Brunei tällä viikolla syyttää poliittisia halvaantuminen Washington peruutuksen. Vaikka shutdown on vauhdittanut hermostuneisuus sijoittajien keskuudessa, analyytikot ovat yleensä huolissaan yhä syvemmälle tammikuu määräaika nostaa Yhdysvaltain velka kattoon. Kansainvälisen valuuttarahaston toimitusjohtaja Christine Lagarde varoitti torstaina Yhdysvaltain epäonnistuminen nostaa luoton raja voisi aiheuttaa tuhoa globaalissa taloudessa, kun valtiovarainministeriö sanoi oletusarvoisesti voi ...

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    (Reuters) - SZITIC Commercial Property Co Ltd, which sold a stake in two of its malls to U.S. private equity firm Carlyle Group LP (CG.O) in May, plans an up to $1 billion Hong Kong IPO as soon as the fourth quarter of 2013, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

    The Shenzhen-based shopping mall developer hired JPMorgan (JPM.N) and China International Capital Corp (CICC) to handle the initial public offering, the paper said.

    The deal could come by the end of the year or in the first quarter of 2014, it added.

    SZITIC sold a 49 percent stake in the malls, located in second-tier cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou, to Carlyle for an undisclosed sum.

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