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Deep Blue Group(DBG)

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  • Rtemagicc_131220pe_gt_kewanee-riello-retro-fit_01

    You know that your boiler is a major energy user, and you may have concerns about its efficiency. But if boilers are the right size and type for their operations, some owners are reluctant to replace them. The efficiency problem may not be the boiler itself, but the burner. Owners are discovering that they can make major improvements in operating efficiency by installing a replacement burner, with improved turndown, higher combustion efficiency, lower emissions, and precise control capability.

    Role of the BurnerOlder serviceable boilers can be equipped with advanced burners to improve boiler turndown, reduce excess air and reduce emissions. Often efficiency gains of 5% to 30% are achievable. Photo courtesy Riello Burners.

    A report from the DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division (EERE) indicates, “The purpose of the burner is to mix molecules of fuel with molecules of air. A boiler will run only as well as the burner performs. A poorly designed boiler with an efficient burner may perform better than a well-designed boiler with a poor burner. Burners are designed to maximize combustion efficiency while minimizing the release of emissions.”

    The report goes on to point out the importance of minimizing excess air in the combustion process, and the value of high turndown ratios in minimizing startup-shutdown energy losses. It also advises that in many cases, burners that were designed for oil-burning and were converted to natural gas are quite inefficient a...

  • Article-0-1a90177600000578-166_634x273_177_

    SEVEN gadgets that can cut your bills by hundreds of pounds

    This small battery-operated device lets you see your power use around the home instantly and shows what appliances are costing you the most. The screen displays how much energy is being used at any one time.

    Rather than directly saving you money it provides sobering information on current energy use – and encourages you to curb it.

    Nigel Berman, 49, from Hove, East Sussex, says he has cut his energy bills by £200 a year after installing an Owl monitor. It has also encouraged him to invest in other energy-saving gadgets including radiator boosters and shower timers.

    The former publisher, who runs a website selling eco products (, says: ‘If you leave lights on or boil the kettle it is instantly spotted with energy use spikes on the monitor – and it can also be used to track down unexpected expenses you can put a stop to.

    ‘For example, my toaster was eating electricity on standby even when not being used. It is great to take control of my energy bills knowing where the money goes –even it can’t stop the tariff hikes.’

  • Deep Blue NRG Group: Energy in the room

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Independence, Mo.

    Independence Power and Light unveiled its plan Saturday to move from coal to a more diversified power supply due to EPA regulations and the age of its two coal plants.

    “Do you have safe and reliable service at reasonable rates?” energy attorney Karl Zobrist asked the audience.

    This question framed the discussion on energy options. Nearly a hundred people came to learn about the fates of the two coal power plants owned by the city of Independence: Blue Valley and Missouri City.

    They heard from representatives from IPL, Indy Energy and the Sierra Club and then had the opportunity to voice their concerns.

    IPL director Leon Daggett said it wants to go a more diverse route for energy sources in order for rates to remain stable. The plan is to retire the Missouri City plant in January 2016 and the Blue Valley power plant off of Truman Road in Independence will switch from coal to natural gas. No additional expense will be required to convert Blue Valley to use natural gas, he said, because the plant was originally designed for it.

    Recent EPA regulations mandate that all U.S. coal power plants operate at a cleaner and more efficient level beginning this year. Jason White of Indy Energy said meeting this requirement will cost $105.5 million to upgrade both plants.

    “Burning coal will be expensive,” White told the audience. “Potential costs to upgrade the plants to meet EPA regulations will be $27.1 million for Missouri City and $78.4 million for Blue Vall...

  • De to minst skremmende ord i ville verden av penger: økonomisk planlegging

    Dette forklarer hvorfor du hører planlegging som nevnt mer og mer disse dager ved investering bransjen. Planlegging er praktisk, forståelig og separat fra vagaries av aksjemarkedet. Folk er mer forberedt og har bedre økonomiske resultater hvis de har en plan for å følge. Men som med alle andre finansielle tjenester eller produkter, må du være en forsiktig forbruker. For å sammenfalle med økonomisk planlegging uke, la oss ta en titt på fem realitetene av å ha en ekspert lage en pengene veien kart for deg.

    1. Økonomisk planlegging er ofte en komme-på for å selge produkter.

    Økonomisk planlegger er en frase, ikke en ekte tittel eller yrke. Det er flere økonomisk planlegging betegnelser som forteller deg en person faktisk er blitt opplært som planlegger, inkludert den sertifiserte Financial Planner (CFP), registrert Financial Planner (RFP) og personlig økonomisk planlegger (PFP). Men de som holder disse betegnelser kan tilbringe alle eller de fleste av deres tid selger og administrasjon av investeringer.

    Pass deg for selskaper med økonomisk planlegging i deres navn. De kan være noe mer enn gjensidige-fondet Mills. Investering salg og planlegging kan gå sammen, men planen kommer først og må være basert på bunker av personlige data som leveres av du, inkludert alle dine eiendeler og gjeld.

    Det er også verdt å merke seg at tittelen på økonomiske planlegger er uregulert utenfor Qu...

  • Three Tax Scams to Beware of This September

    The IRS wants you to know about three common year-round scams: identity theft, phishing and return preparer fraud.

    Are you thinking about taxes while you’re enjoying the warm summer months? Not likely! But the IRS wants you to know that scammers ARE thinking about taxes and ways to dupe you out of your money.

    Tax scams can happen anytime of the year, not just during tax season. Three common year-round scams are identity theft, phishing and return preparer fraud. These schemes are on the top of the IRS’s “Dirty Dozen” list of scams this year. They’re illegal and can lead to significant penalties and interest, even criminal prosecution.

    Here’s more information about these scams that every taxpayer should know.

    1.Identity Theft. Tax fraud by identity theft tops this year’s Dirty Dozen list. Identity thieves use personal information, such as your name, Social Security number or other identifying information without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes. An identity thief may also use another person’s identity to fraudulently file a tax return and claim a refund.

    The IRS has a special identity protection page on dedicated to identity theft issues. It has helpful links to information, such as how victims can contact the IRS Identity Theft Protection Specialized Unit, and how you can protect yourself against identity theft.

    2.Phishing. Scam artists use phishing to trick unsuspecting victims into ...

  • The Japanese capital has almost Argentina’s population but is different in so many ways

    Deep Blue Group - If it’s Governor Naoki Imose told the Herald in an interview published earlier this month: “Tokyo is just too big for the soul of a politician or a bureaucrat,” how much more is this true for a tabloid page!

    Where do we start? Well, perhaps 634 metres atop the Tokyo Skytree where the entire sweep of Greater Tokyo (with up to 35 million people spread over five prefectures) and a panorama of the Kanto Plain beyond stretch out below your eyes. Just 15 months old, the Skytree is among the most splendid of endless specimens of ultra-modern architecture.

    Yet not everything in Tokyo is brand-new or steel and concrete — the Imperial Palace with its gardens are a different world, as are lushly green parks and elaborately crafted Japanese garden landscapes elsewhere. Indeed the more downtown you go in Tokyo; the greener it seems to become.

    If you want another contrast between the old and the new, you might want to go to Tokyo Station (the beautifully restored Marunouchi Building from the early 20th century housing the heart of the rail network) and then take, or at least see, the latest models of the long-nosed Shinkansen “bullet trains.”

    Tokyo is larger than life but sometimes it is the little things you notice — things you could never see from the Skytree. Which would especially apply to the incredibly clean restrooms (spotless not only in the sensor-operated w...

  • Deep Blue Group - While unemployment remained at record levels in percentage terms, the actual number of jobless people in the eurozone fell slightly in July, according to data published over the weekend, offering fresh evidence that Europe's struggling economy was taking tentative steps towards a recovery.

    The tiny improvement in employment - which came alongside declining inflation and a survey showing improved confidence among European consumers and business managers - was welcomed as additional evidence that the worst of the region's downturn was probably over. But officials and economists cautioned that the economic health of Europe remained fragile and the pace of recovery highly uneven within the region. ''The recent improvements are minimal,'' said Laszlo Andor, the European Union's commissioner for employment. ''This is no time for celebration or complacency.''

    The jobless rate in the 17 countries that share the euro was 12.1 per cent in July, adjusting for seasonal effects, according to a report from Eurostat, the European Union statistics agency. That figure has remained unchanged for several months. A year earlier, it was 11.5 per cent. Eurostat estimated that 19.2 million people in the euro area were jobless in July, 15,000 fewer than in June.

    For all 28 countries in the EU, the number of unemployed fell by 33,000, to 26.7 million, for a rate of 11 per cent. The European bloc expanded to 28 members on July 1, when Croatia joined. Joblessness in the eurozone ha...

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