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The Corliss Group Barcelona

The Corliss Group Barcelona

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    Tokyo investors will stay focused on the US government shutdown next week, as fears grow it could lead to a devastating debt default and strike a huge blow to the global economy.

    The Nikkei's 0.94 per cent slip on Friday to a one-month low ended a week that saw the benchmark index lose 4.98 per cent, or 735.76 points, to 14,024.31, as the political deadlock in Washington dominated headlines.

    The broader Topix index of all first-section shares fell 4.41 per cent, or 53.70 points, over the week to 1,163.82.

    'Players will keep an eye on the US budget stand-off next week,' said Kenzaburo Suwa, strategist with Okasan Securities.

    'But we may see an early end to the impasse as (President Barack) Obama appears serious by cancelling key conferences overseas,' Suwa added.

    Obama axed plans to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Bali and the East Asia Summit in Brunei next week, blaming political paralysis in Washington for the cancellation.

    While the shutdown has fuelled jitters among investors, analysts have generally expressed even deeper concerns about the October 17 deadline to raise the US debt ceiling.

    International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde warned on Thursday that a US failure to raise the borrowing limit could wreak havoc on the global economy, while the Treasury Department said a default could have a 'catastrophic' effect.

    On Wall Street, the Dow ended 0.90 per cent lowe...

  • China’s commitment to growth will drive the global economy

    From outside China, the Bo Xilai trial looks like the Chinese news event of the year, one of the preoccupations of Western media, along with corporate corruption and the clampdown on American and European companies. Yet these issues are no more than sideshows to the most important economic event of recent times, the unveiling and ratification of a major program for reforms for the next decade, which will occur at the Chinese government’s third plenum in November. The reforms promise to bring another great leap forward in China’s dramatic ascent.

    Chinese officials will reveal how long China will need to make the transition from an investment-led, middle-income country to an innovative, consumer-driven, high-income one — and thus when it will become the world’s largest economy. Can China circumvent what we know as “the middle-income trap” that has for decades denied high-income status for Latin America and Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand?

    The challenges that China’s new leadership faces in pushing for rising levels of innovation, entrepreneurship and skills will be the main discussion points this week at the New Champions summit in Dalian, China, organized by the World Economic Forum under the leadership of executive chairman Klaus Schwab. The summit recognizes the important truth that China’s degree of success will determine global growth: it will determine whether the twenty-first century w...

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    FC Barcelona on Tuesday staged the official presentation of its partnership with new global partner Qatar Airways, stating the club will receive a basic payment of Eur30.5 million this season as part of football’s “biggest shirt deal ever”.

    Barcelona first announced in November that the airline would take over as the club’s shirt sponsor from the 2013-14 season as part of the Spanish Primera Division giant’s agreement with Qatar Sports Investments (QSI). Barcelona stated that the current five-year contract signed with QSI permitted the possibility of including a new logo on the shirt from the third season of the agreement. The Qatar Foundation had served as the club’s shirt sponsor for the past two campaigns, succeeding Unicef, which became the first brand to occupy Barcelona’s famous shirts after the club agreed to such deals in August 2003. Javier Faus, Barcelona’s vice-president for economy and strategy, outlined the financial details behind the new deal on Tuesday, stating that the club will receive payments of Eur30.5 million, Eur32 million and Eur33.5 million until the current agreement with QSI expires on June 30, 2016. A UEFA Champions League victory will be worth an additional Eur5 million. Tags: the corliss group, barcelona reveals financial details behind Qatar Airways deal

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    Spaniards Fleeing Jobless Scourge Seek Jobs in Morocco


    Barcelona-born architect Jean-Pierre Monguard Estragues says it’s much easier to find clients and projects in Marrakesh than back home in Spain.

    “The money isn’t the best pay I’ve ever had but it allows me to live and send some home,” says Monguard, 40, whose friends paid for his flight to Morocco nearly two years ago as he drowned in bills after losing his job. “Experience and know-how are much more appreciated here than they are in Spain.”

    Spain’s population fell last year for the first time in at least four decades as more than a quarter of the workforce found themselves without a job. That highlights the turnaround in fortune for a nation that saw hiring surge during its economic boom. In the five years through 2007, Spain accounted for almost half the jobs created across the entire euro area.

    Monguard describes the migration as an “economic, intellectual and cultural catastrophe” that’s driving out the country’s best educated generation. Before Morocco, he went to the Spanish island of Tenerife to start a small architectural practice, though that failed when his clients cut their budgets. That’s when a friend contacted him about work in the North African country; he now has half a dozen projects and is thinking of starting his own firm.

    Unemployment Legacy

    While Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says Spain is starting to recover from the crisis and the deepest austerity in its demo...

  • The Corliss Group: How to get rich in the next ten years

    Communication, Communication Design



    THERE'S great Warren Buffett quote: "I buy (shares) on the assumption that they could close the market and not reopen it for five years".

    It's good advice, evidenced by Vanguard's 30-year index chart, released earlier this month. The chart tracks the growth over a 30-year time frame of a $10,000 investment. So had you invested $10,000 30 years ago and reinvested all income, you could now have:

    • $268,733 if invested in Australian shares; • $190,702 if invested in US shares; • $168,900 if invested in listed property; • $105,786 if invested in cash.

    While the chart demonstrates the value of long-term investing, it also shows the value of following a broad trend rather than focusing specifically on any one fad.

    What do I mean? Well the Australian shares result above is calculated on the S &P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation index. This index represents the 500 largest companies listed on the ASX - but over the past 30 years the top five hundred companies have changed. Some examples are the float of the Commonwealth Bank, of Woolworths, of Telstra and the various airlines.

    So the biggest trends in the next decade? Same as before. Property and shares. Property will do well because everyone loves it and it receives government support. Shares will do well because they represent our economic achievements. Which ones? It doesn't matter. Follow the trend and ignore the hysteria.

    Justine Davies is finance editor and commentator with financial research...

  • Quick_topic_the_corliss_group_barcelona_and_hong_kong_new_releases_reviews__cybercrime_hits_more_than_9_million_uk_web_users_177_


    More than 9 million adults in Britain have had online accounts hacked and 8% of the population say they have lost money in the past year because of cybercrime, according to a survey by university researchers.

    Cyber security experts at the University of Kent said it was "quite shocking" that 2.3% of the population reported losing more than £10,000 to online fraudsters.

    The survey found that 18.3% of those questioned had experienced attempts to break into one or more of their online accounts, including email, online banking, gaming and social media. One third said it had happened more than once.

    The researchers found that people aged 55 to 64 were least likely to be successfully targeted by online criminals. The figure for this group was 11.4%, the study said, which may be because they are more cautious or spend less time online, have fewer activities and accounts or maintain better security. More than one in four people aged 18 to 24 (27.3%) has suffered a hacking attack.

    When asked how much money they had lost in the past year "due to any kind of computer criminal activity," 92% said they had lost nothing, but 3.2% of more than 1,500 respondents said they had lost between £1 and £100, 2.4% suffered a hit of between £101 and £10,000 and 2.3% claimed to have lost more than £10,000.

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