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  • What Sustainable Means: Don't make things worse?

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Nathan Shedroff is clearly a powerhouse of Design. I enjoyed reading this post on Core77 today...but I don't think I like this idea:

    And what does sustainability really mean? In 1987 it meant: "Use and development that meets today's needs without preventing those needs from being met by future generations." But today, Shedroff thinks it means "Don't do things today that make tomorrow worse." And if you have more stubborn people you have to convince, add "...for your kids."

    If the bar is set to "don't make things worse" how will anything get better? It may be a fantasy of Cradle to Cradle that shoes can sow seeds as they break down, or concrete can clean the air, but we need to think of things that do more than keep the status quo. As Dr. Horrible said: the status is NOT quo.

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