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Echoing Green

Echoing Green

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  • TANA GOLDFIELDS articles Ancient Technology for Metal Coatings 2,000 Years Ago Can't Be Matched Even Today

    Artists and craftsmen more than 2,000 years ago developed thin-film coating technology unrivaled even by today's standards for producing DVDs, solar cells, electronic devices and other products. Understanding these sophisticated metal-plating techniques from ancient times, described in the ACS journal Accounts of Chemical Research, could help preserve priceless artistic and other treasures from the past. Gabriel Maria Ingo and colleagues point out that scientist have made good progress in understanding the chemistry of many ancient artistic and other artifacts -- crucial to preserve them for future generations. Big gaps in knowledge remained, however, about how gilders in the Dark Ages and other periods applied such lustrous, impressively uniform films of gold or silver to intricate objects. Ingo's team set out to apply the newest analytical techniques to uncover the ancients' artistic secrets.

    They discovered that gold- and silversmiths 2,000 years ago developed a variety of techniques, including using mercury like a glue to apply thin films of metals to statues and other objects. Sometimes, the technology was used to apply real gold and silver. It also was used fraudulently, to make cheap metal statues that look like solid gold or silver. The scientists say that their findings confirm "the high level of competence reached by the artists and craftsmen of these an...

  • Tana_177_

    The world's economy is in tatters and safe havens are few and far between, says legendary contrarian Marc Faber. The banking crisis in Cyprus has shown that even bank deposits are not safe. The publisher of the Doom, Boom and Gloom newsletter, surveying the world from his perch in Hong Kong, discusses the impact of unemployment in Europe, the economic slowdown in China, asset bubbles and the turnaround prospects for precious metals miners. Faber also reveals his investment strategy for these volatile times in this interview with The Gold Report. The Gold Report: Marc, I recently interviewed James Turk who said that Europe is in a banking crisis, but that some countries are in worse shape than others. Are things on the continent as bad as they seem to be from the headlines in the U.S.? Marc Faber: Unemployment is high in both Europe and the U.S., particularly for young people. One reason for the high unemployment rate is that it is very difficult to find highly specialized workers for industry. Perhaps that's due to more university students studying non-user-friendly subjects, such as philosophy. The Western world is lacking in well-trained workers who can handle industrial machines that cost $10–20 million ($10–20M). But if I need a clerical assistant for financial services, I can find hundreds and hundreds of applicants. Swiss-born Marc Faber, who at age 24 earned his Ph.D. in economics magna * laude from the Univers...

  • Ma-29th-of-march-20091-150x150_177_

    The Dedication is to the Graciousness of the Almighty Creator who blessed us with so many blesses like the Eternal Maternity and the Souls sharing and caring for the salvation of all the beings

    Ethica (a child family member of us) left us, on 30.06.2011, suffering with meningitis. Ma was injured on 19.03.2009 (12:30-1:30 pm), with something blunt, on her face (as the spots can be located in the photo, located at , even after 10 days of her miraculous recovery from that fatal injury) ‘through faltering while shopping’ at Kallyanpur Natun Bazar, Dhaka (she lived at house no. 74/1/B - second Floor, Block - D , Road -6, Kallyanpur notun Bazar, Dhaka) ; and consequentially, becoming weaker, left us on 11.07.2011


    Other parts of ShuvoGrontho, including the illustrative Mandala-art-works and literature for children, may be found at AND at

    Prelude of the presenter and copyright owner

    He came and gave some of the art-works for preserving and serving to the extent possible. He spoke, as simple like anyone, about some of the inclinations about those art-labours, and about the dedication line. Close to those inclinations the preparations were done to serve them in a frame before you. (He is S.A.K.M. Shamsul Hauque, the author of the following literary-art wo...

  • Wild Rose

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Wild Rose Illustration

  • Rethinking Green

    Environment, Industrial Design

    Continuum Design did a worthy study of real consumers and their feelings about green products. First, I'm impressed with the reported size and extent of the study - 7,000 people online plus an ethnography component. I'm also impressed that they are giving away a portion of their insights to the design community. Basically, these are some ideas that we've kicked around at Ecco Design. Consumers all say they care about the environment when asked, but usually they act with their pocketbooks in mind. The environment is "out there" and easy easily forgotten. Connecting with ideas of immediate health, frugality and direct environmental benefit (less trash, easier recycling) connect more directly with consumers than mere energy efficiency, water usage or an abstract idea about "sustainability".

  • Ruining Space, too?!

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Space_junk_177_'s true. We've been warned.

  • What Sustainable Means: Don't make things worse?

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Nathan Shedroff is clearly a powerhouse of Design. I enjoyed reading this post on Core77 today...but I don't think I like this idea:

    And what does sustainability really mean? In 1987 it meant: "Use and development that meets today's needs without preventing those needs from being met by future generations." But today, Shedroff thinks it means "Don't do things today that make tomorrow worse." And if you have more stubborn people you have to convince, add "...for your kids."

    If the bar is set to "don't make things worse" how will anything get better? It may be a fantasy of Cradle to Cradle that shoes can sow seeds as they break down, or concrete can clean the air, but we need to think of things that do more than keep the status quo. As Dr. Horrible said: the status is NOT quo.

  • Landfill Awards 2009: stick a motor in it.

    Environment, Industrial Design


    I heard this on the BBC World Service this morning...the 2009 Landfill Awards are out!

    The list is a lighthearted gathering of generally evil, wasteful devices. I take some issue at the Prius being on this list - it might not be as good as biking, but it's a step in the right direction for cars.

  • Modular Electronics for Greener Tech

    Environment, Industrial Design


    My firm has been working on the Bug Labs platform for some time now, and I'm glad to see it getting some of the attention it deserves. I think more focus can be given to the Green aspects of this design - you buy modules you want, instead of a whole new machine. This is similar to the drive to have universal cellphone chargers. When your cellphone breaks, the charger, while perfectly good, goes into the trash. Bug Labs allows to you to add or subtract functionality, or share with your friends, more easily. Many of my designer friends have resisted buying multifunction printers for this reason. The print heads die quickly - but the scanner still you wind up with a choice - buy all new, keep a GIANT scanner with a useless printer or...? Some manufacturers let you replace the print heads more easily, but this is far from standard. Make electronics more modular and people can upgrade, replace and grow their tech while staying more environmentally friendly and economical.

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