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Westhill Consulting, TRAVEL & TOURS, INC.

Westhill Consulting, TRAVEL & TOURS, INC.

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  • 5 Money Saving Tips for Exchanging Foreign Currencies

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    Headed overseas for summer vacation? It's easy to get hit with extra fees and expensive exchange rates when switching currencies. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

    Some currency exchange tables in airports and tourist areas offer bad rates, taking more of your money. And some credit cards and banks can add fees when you buy something with your card.

    Your best bet is to bring a credit card that doesn't charge currency exchange fees and some cash for backup. Most purchases should be done on the credit card, says James Gambaccini, a certified financial planner at Acorn Financial Services. That's because credit cards offer fraud protection. If you lose cash, or it gets stolen, you won't get it back. Lost credit cards, or fraudulent charges, are easily replaced or fixed, says Gambaccini.

    "Walking around with a money belt and a large amount of cash is not relevant anymore," he says.

    Here are five tips to maximize your dollars:

    1. GET AN APP

    Before boarding the plane, download a currency converting app on a smartphone you plan to use on vacation. You can open up the app to see if you're getting a good deal when exchanging money. With the apps, you type in the amount you want to exchange and it will calculate a figure in the new currency. There are several free ones to choose from, including XE Currency and GlobeConvert.


    Be wary of currency exchange places that say they don't charge fees or advertise really good exchange rates. "D...

  • Indonesia is to experience economic immoderations. The city is a busy business center where tall high-rise buildings dot the city, simultaneously; usual in Jakarta, Indonesia are ciphers of scarcity, shortage and poverty that can be perceived inside the metropolis's margins. Indonesia is categorized as a third world country and is yet recovering from the crippling Asian financial catastrophe throughout the later part of the past decade.

    On the other hand, tourists may nevertheless appreciate big, western-style shopping centers that offer imported goods along with local manufactures. You can arrange a tour with Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore. Furthermore within Jakarta, Indonesia are local shops and markets exhibiting souvenir items showcasing Indonesian wares.

    Jakarta, Indonesia is located on the island of Java. The city as well functions as the capital of the world's biggest archipelago-nation. Almost all international flights from and to Indonesia is from within the city's international airports and as well as inter-islands flights are serviced in the said airports. Likewise in Jakarta, Indonesia are chief ports that offer shipping services for international and domestic travel.

    Jakarta, Indonesia single-handedly is populated by around 11 million of the country's entire inhabitants earning to be one of the utmost thickly inhabited cities in the world. Trading has been the main economic activity in the city nonetheless; industries grounded in Jakarta have...

  • Spa Vacation and Yoga Retreat

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    Get away from it all through a wellness vacation and come back healthier and more relaxed. Many countries offer such great wellness vacation. Souteast Asian countries such as Jakarta, Indonesia, KL, Malaysia, Singapore and much more offer such services.

    A wellness getaway might be right for you if you are looking for a healthy travel alternative which is relaxing and restorative as well. A detox destination can be invigorating for mind, body, and soul. You can choose from a spa vacation at a luxury resort or a yoga retreat in modest surroundings.

    Learning healthy habits after health and wellness trip is one more great benefit for you. The amazing effects of spa vacation or yoga retreat, if put into daily practice, will last a lifetime.

    People may want to go to a wellness or spa vacation to escape the stress of their everyday lives and eliminate bad habits, such as unhealthy eating and drinking; drop unwanted pounds and raise their fitness level. Then relax and pamper in a indulging experience. The wellness destination that suits you base on the results you’re looking for and also the atmosphere you’ll see as more interesting.

    Detox Destination: Spa Vacation

    While you can check into many spas just for one day of pampering, spending a week at a great resort will give you greater benefits. During your stay, spa staff will lead you in fitness activities, provide you with tips to stay healthy, prepare healthful meals for you or offer a supervised fast, and even offer well...

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    My experience with world travel began when I was 14 years old, spending six weeks in Israel with a group of students from my Hebrew High School. Together we learned about the rich history and culture in a place we read about from the time we began to read.

    We traveled all around the country -- Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Kiryat Shmona, and many other cities and villages in between. A medic and a soldier accompanied us as we hiked through the Golan Heights, and we laughed while floating in the salt water of The Dead Sea.

    It was a magical trip and we required little sleep. We were young, curious and full of energy.

    Fast-forward sixteen years later when, in 1990, my husband and I traveled to Italy. We decided to visit that beautiful country before starting a family, and thought it best to book our trip with a tour.

    Being older, and now having an autoimmune disease, the amount of energy I had was nowhere near the same as it was in 1974.

    Ordinarily we'd travel on our own, but decided a tour would be helpful with handling our luggage, booking top choices of accommodations, and taking care of transportation to and from our destinations.

    When you have a disability, careful planning is necessary.

    Booking our trip with a tour was wise. We chose to explore each city apart from the group, meeting up with them at a few of the four-star restaurants included in our tour package.

    We also enjoyed not ...

  • How to prepare for your Indonesia travel

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    WESTHILL CONSULTING, TRAVEL & TOURS, INC. based in Singapore provide services such as booking, tour facilitation, travel documentation and other related services to Southeast Asian countries like KL Malaysia, Beijing China, Jakarta Indonesia and many more. The company agrees with the following information and hopes that it will be useful for travelers who wish to explore Indonesia.

    Be alert As a rule of thumb, stay alert when you travel to strange places. Be aware that traveling to remote areas in Indonesia might expose travelers to certain risks. Robbery and pickpocketing are common crimes in Indonesia, particularly on public transportation, traditional markets and anywhere crowded. So, never leave your belongings unattended. Avoid wearing glittery jewelry and an expensive watch on public transportation. It is also wise to keep your fancy smartphones and DSLR camera inside your bag when you are walking in public places. Talking to local people can benefit you, as they can share the Dos and Don’ts of local etiquette, things that you will not find on Google or in a tourism brochure.

    Pack, pack and pack When traveling to remote places, pack light and take a backpack or carrier. Wheeled luggage can slow down your trip. If the trip includes exploring Borneo's lush tropical forest or scaling Rinjani's peak, a good pair of hiking boots is a good choice to keep your feet comfortable and dry. The rainy season, which usually falls between November and March, can harm your be...

  • Cropped-logo_177_

    Looking for places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia?

    There is no doubt that Jakarta is the heart and soul of Indonesia and one of the most exciting places to visit in Southeast Asia to enjoy an electrifying nightlife and shopping experience. Whether you are visiting Jakarta on a stop-over trip to Bali, or visiting Jakarta on a long vacation, westhill consulting travel & Tours Singapore is hoping you’ll find plenty interesting places to visit and things to do in Jakarta besides shopping. Here are some tips! Have fun!

    Merdeka Square

    Historic Merdeka Square is Jakarta’s most important square and one of the top tourist sights in the city to visit because of other nearby attractions such as Merdeka Palace, Istiqlal Mosque and the National Museum of Indonesia. In the heart of Merdeka Square, you’ll find the famed National Monument (pictured) surrounded by beautiful sculptured carved works depicting the history of Indonesia.

    Inside the base of the National Monument, you’ll find the National History Museum and the Hall of Independence, both great places to learn about Indonesian history. The square is also the focal point in the city at night when the National Monument is lit up. Within the vicinity, you’ll also many landmarks, statues, parks such as West Merdeka Park where you can witness fun events like the fountain water show.

    Taman Park

    Taman Park, also known as Mini Indonesia Indah, is another of the places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia where everyone can have a...

  • Is Jakarta Dangerous?

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    Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours Singapore presents to you safety tips while travelling in Jakarta, Indonesia. Applicable to any Asian city.

    Safety on the road: High I think that your biggest threat while being in Jakarta will be dealing with motorized vehicles, whether your are walking, in a car, or in a motorcycle. If you take the taxi for instance, you will notice cars don’t have a safety belt in the back. If you take an ojek (moto-taxi), the driver will give you a shitty helmet and drive recklessly, putting your life in danger every second.

    How to avoid it: Take silver bird taxis, go in the passenger seat, avoid taking ojeks, be very careful when walking in Jakarta.

    Natural Disaster: High Flood, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis… Jakarta, as the rest of the country, is prone to natural disasters. In fact, according to theNatural Disaster Risk Index, Indonesia is the world’s second most dangerous nation regarding natural catastrophes after Bangladesh. I don’t think it can impact your stay in Jakarta though, because it is something you cannot really protect yourself from. All you can do is cross your finger and hope that everything will be OK.

    Terrorism: Medium to High I don’t know what I should say about terrorism. It happened in Jakarta and Bali, and even though the government is very active in fighting terrorists, we cannot ignore that new bombings could happen again in Jakarta/Indonesia in t...

  • Go and Travel to Jakarta

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    Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Singapore one of our most popular destinations Chaotic, crazy and crowded. But that’s what makes Indonesia’s capital so unique.

    There are places you will fall in love with at first sight and some that you won’t. It’s usually the first impressions that makes us love or hate a place. But cities are like women. Some will throw themselves at you, and some will make you chase them. Which woman would you go for? Jakarta, Indonesia is an example of the latter, you have to dig a little bit deeper to get to know her. She may seem hesitant at first and is happy to let you wait, until you take the time to properly understand her. Then, she’ll give you everything you need. To me, she might even be the unofficial queen of Southeast Asia.

    Jakarta is not Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Some people say “If you don’t like her, she won’t like you”. After a few days I understood why. To be honest, after landing in Jakarta I had no idea what to expect. You don’t hear much about 223Fajfasdpoit and as soon as you exit the terminal you already feel lost. It is big and hot and busy. Not to mention the traffic. I didn’t really get the vibe at first. Although soon enough, I understood what the magic of Jakarta was. It is truly Asia, more so than many other Southeast Asian cities you will discover on your journey.

    So here are a few reasons why you should experience Jakarta for yourself. Jakarta traffic is more symbolic of ‘Asia’ than Ban...

  • Thinking of the first to do in a foreign city on your first day? You may try being adventurous, come what may and do whatever.

    SINGAPORE -- Thinking of the first to do in a foreign city on your first day? You may try being adventurous, come what may and do whatever. Or why not, let us organize your tour with a local travel guide. This is a way to revolutionize the way you explore new destinations through Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours.

    Is it a walking tour with a difference that you wanted or an adrenaline-fuelled activity that thrills you the most? Westhill connects you to the place and will make your stay memorable and enjoyable. This can be seen in the company's past success overseas launching tours in many other Asian cities, such as Bangkok Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia.

    The recent launch of personalized travel guides has meant that quintessentially Asian pastimes such as picnics, shopping at the night markets and many various activities each country has to offer are now available to buy as a group or individual experiences. Instead of using big name tour companies, we are utilizing the girl or guy-next door types sharing their insider knowledge of the city.

    Jason is an architect and enthusiastic music lover. Jason will escort 1-4 people around the best insider music venues in Bangkok...

  • 1604853_675988665777657_2122838215_n_177_

    Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours that is based in Singapore offers you this tips for a money saving road trips that will sure to cut your budget wile still having the time of your life.

    Drive thru should be not an option:

    It will cut the thrill as fast foods tend to get boring and it will cost you more than you think. Add a little excitement to your road trip by stopping and trying out local food and it will find it less costly. Figure out ways to cut down on meals, look for early bird specials, spot on mega meals that are very cheap. You will sure to find big dinners for a few bucks. Main roads usually offer expensive foods, get off of the main road and find real cheap and exquisite treats. Jakarta street foods can also be a good idea, especially at local celebrations. They are generally safe to eat.

    Save on snacks: You may think that a little stop for some snacks wouldn’t hurt, but it reality, snacks are big budget killers while you are on a road trip. Come and think of it, how much is a bag of Cheetos cost or a Fritos maybe. Tempting, isn’t it, just a one stop away at any convenience store? Why not pick-up cheaper chips at the grocery store in economy-sized bags instead and get roughly twice as much for your money. Or better yet prepare your own snack-to-go before leaving the house. And do not for...

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