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The Koyal Group (T.K.G)

The Koyal Group (T.K.G)

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    (Reuters) - Japan's government upgraded its view on the economy for a third straight month in July, saying deflation was easing and growth was picking up due to its policies of aggressive monetary stimulus and generous state spending.

    That outlook, which is in line with the Bank of Japan's view, is a boost for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who vowed to stay focused on reviving the economy after his coalition won a strong victory in Sunday's upper house election.

    "The economy is steadily picking up and it shows some movement towards a self-sustainable recovery," the Cabinet Office said in its monthly economic report on Tuesday.

    "Recent price developments indicate that deflation is easing," the report said.

    A separate government report said the nation needed long-term fiscal reform to support the recovery and beat deflation, which has strangled the economy for 15 years.

    The government upgraded its assessments on capital spending, factory output and business sentiment as confidence recovered and a softer yen helped to boost corporate earnings, which it said should feed through to incomes and investment.

    "We need further recovery in firms' capital spending and the income situation" before the recent bright signs in the economy can be termed a clear recovery, a Cabinet Office official said.

    Capital spending was "levelling off and shows some movement...

Koyal Group Tokyo Japan News Articles: Japan govt upgrades economy view, says deflation easing

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