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    The first thing that you had to do is to identify exactly what you enjoy, what you probably need to do is do some research on your dream job

    According to Alan Watts, a respected philosopher, the best way to find what you should be doing with your life was to ask yourself this important question: "What would you do if money were no object?" What if you won the lottery and you could do whatever you wanted to do with your life? Sure, you'd want to relax for a while, but eventually you're going to get bored. So what would you do to make yourself really, truly happy?

    To avoid scams, plan several clear objectives and time scales. Be certain that you are moving forward every day to get closer to your goal. A big wall calendar will help you to out your through goals and achievements. This may take some time, but if you are willing to focus on the path you wanted to take, slowly but surely you will get there.

    Please note that while all great jobs out there are up for grabs, you have to do a reality check and make sure you are not delusional when pursuing your dream. There will be physical and other limitations that are out of your control. There could of course be very valid obstacles such as family situation or your finances; as a rule, however, there is always a solution that c...

  • Getting that job takes work

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    With the school year winding down, many high school students are looking for employment. Whether it’s our first job or our tenth, applying for a job always seems a bit challenging. First, we have to find a job we believe we can be reasonably happy with. If you’re unhappy indoors, try to find an outdoor job … then fill out the job application, and then have the job interview.

    Interviews make some folks nervous. We have to maintain a balance of selling ourselves to our employer and yet not coming across as conceited. A nice middle ground is to be confident. If we are truthful about what we put on a job application, and know that we can do the skills that we’ve listed, our confidence is appropriate.

    Work Wise Kauai is an organization whose vision is “To develop the skills of the entire workforce of Kauai and to ensure a smoothly functioning total economy. Their mission is “To support the economic development of Kauai through the workforce development system.” In other words, they will help people find, and prepare for jobs as well as list job availabilities on their website: Workwisekauai.com

    There is a link on the website to Hire Net Hawaii. On that site you fill out your zip code and a radius in miles of places you’d be willing to work. I typed in 96746 for Kapaa and 10 miles as a distance. Up came 7 pages of 25 jobs in that area. For advanced info on how to apply for the job, you have to fill out an online registration form. Many of these do require specific ...

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    Half of the companies said they were already planning to use their expertise by investing abroad

    Companies in the UK oil and gas sector expect to create up to 39,000 jobs over the next two years.

    A survey of 100 companies, commissioned by the Bank of Scotland, found expectations of employment growth had increased since last year.

    A clear majority (69%) of executives in the companies were optimistic about their growth prospects in 2014/2015.

    A total of 38% of those responding said a shortage of skilled workers would be their greatest challenge. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote

    Scotland should reap the largest share of these new jobs, however other parts of the UK will benefit from expansion plans”

    Stuart White Bank of Scotland

    International expansion was cited as a priority by 64% of those taking part. Key areas for investment were Africa, North America and the Middle East. 'Expand internationally'

    The survey found 46% of companies were already planning further growth in foreign markets over the next 24 months.

    The research was carried out by BDRC Continental and companies were chosen to reflect a range of size, location and service type.

    A similar study carried out last year indicated companies in the sector would recruit an additional 34,000 people over two years.

    Bank of Scotland commercial area director Stuart White, said: "The findings of this report are excellent news for the economy, demonstrating the employment-generating nature of the ...

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  • Backpacker Visa Guide to Southeast Asia

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    As a backpacker in Southeast Asia crossing borders becomes a regular undertaking. Each country has a different rule of entry and some countries will require you to apply for a visa before you travel. As visa requirements often change, for travellers in South East Asia it can be difficult to plan things like budget and duration of travel. Here, we’ve done our best to compile the latest visa information in South East Asia to make it easier for you to plan your trip! Please be aware that information regarding visas is particularly vulnerable to change and make sure you check. if you have new knowledge of a change in border crossing information! If you have new information, blog it here.

    Westhill Consulting Career & Employment out of Australia has useful blogs for up-to-date information as well as many other sites.

    Brunei Darussalam:

    Nationals of most European countries (this includes 25 countries in the European Union), Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and New Zealand do not need to apply for a Tourist Visa for visits of up to 30 days.

    USA citizens can stay for up to 90 days.

    Citizens of Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Norway will receive a 14 day entry.

    Other nationalities need to apply for a visa in advance which takes 1-3 days to process. For single entry, the visa costs B$20 or multiple entry B$30. If you require a multiple entry visa for a period longer than three days the cost will be B$50.

    72 hour transit visas are also available for most ...

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    A feature added to LinkedIn may harm users’ job prospects by alerting their current employers when they are revamping their online résumé, or by broadcasting that they’ve landed a new job when, in fact, they are out of work.

    In an effort to increase interactivity and social recognition, LinkedIn automatically notifies users’ entire networks when they change their job title or profile unless they adjust their settings. Further, LinkedIn makes the assumption the person has snagged a promotion or new job, says as much and prompts people to congratulate the achievement. “It’s basically like a suggestion engine to encourage you to reach out to your contacts,” says independent LinkedIn consultant Dan Sherman, adding that birthdays and work anniversaries are similarly broadcast to newsfeeds.

    But congratulations are not always in order. That’s when things get awkward – or worse.

    Simply by rewording their profile, users may unwittingly trigger an auto-generated newsfeed update with a “say congrats” button. So folks receive congratulatory notes when they have not made a career move, or when they update their profile because they are out of work, Sherman says.

    Donna Sapolin received a barrage of congratulatory notes after she left an editing job and updated her LinkedIn profile to convey more clearly what she can offer prospective employers. “...

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    If you read most articles about the world of job seeking, hiring and employment these days, it all sounds so easy. Countless online-business publications snare readers with headlines like “5 things you shouldn’t eat before a job interview” or “How to tell if applicants are lying about their last job” (or even the headline to this article). These litanies of tips and tricks play right into the notion that effort isn’t really required. That somehow just by studying the game, you can avoid the traps and master the tricks. That you can find the job or employee of your dreams and do it with little true investment.

    Most job searchers believe that a few key adjustments to a one-page resume, submitted to the best job board and optimized to catch eyes is all it takes. Hit send and hope for the best. Employers too buy into the promise of shortcuts and immediate results. As if it’s quick and simple to find the next man up when someone goes down. As if the employment landscape is a plug-and-play world of new faces claimed on an as-needed basis.

    It’s maddening, short-sighted and ironically, it could be a cause of the job crisis in this country. While there are some 10.2 million unemployed in the US, there are also some 4 million open jobs in our country. What we have is a lack of thoughtful pursuit of both quality employees and desirable career opportunities. Because in the torrent of tips and tricks, job seekers rarely get substantive advice on how to connect, engage and...

  • Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 3 years, you’ll know that job hunting is tough. In fact, in general the world of employment is rocky and is something that has affected people massively over the past couple of years. With people being made redundant, companies cutting back on new intake and less opportunities being made available, people are stuck. This has resulted in massive numbers of people applying for vacancies when they do become available – which means that the recruitment process is tougher than ever! Does this mean you need to be stuck in a job you hate or living a life on benefits? Not at all. It means you need to be inventive, organized and well informed on the ways of recruitment, to give yourself the best possible chance of being given any job that you apply for.

    Keep At It

    It can be disheartening when you’re looking for a job and nothing seems to come up of. The first thing to remember is that climbing a career ladder is tough and you’ll be up against some stiff competition. Companies can only see a limited number of people during their recruitment process so are often very picky when it comes to who gets to the interview stage. You need to bear this in mind and don’t give up when it seems like you’re just not getting anywhere at all.

    Instead make sure that you look in different places for job adverts and keep applying for any that peak your interest. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and apply for one job at a time –...

  • Westhill Consulting & Employment How to Determine the Right Career for You?

    Determine the Right Career for You

    Love what you do. This is one of the secrets in order to become successful. It isn’t a perfect career if what it does is simply an answer to your needs and wants but it must also be something that you are passionate about. Find your perfect career in three easy steps.

    Know what your dream is

    Picture yourself in the future, what are you doing by then? What is it that you want to become? And most especially, what is the thing that you love doing the most? Your answers will help you land on the industry and job types that fit you the most.

    Determine your strengths and skills. Think and process things on your mind many times so you’ll figure out where you can put your best career qualities to good use. Note all your accomplishments that may be able to help you improve your profile. Aside from this will lead you to your perfect career and dream job, it will also boost your confidence.

    Research on careers that can identify to the things that you love doing; this will help you on decision making. You have the choice to either take a free career test or consult a career chart that you can find in many career websites. And you can also find a wealth of information, from description of positions to salary range in these career websites.

    Discover all the possibilities.

    Find job openings that suit your interests. Do not limit your job search to newspa...

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    Avoid scams by following these tips.

    Use common sense. Assess! Consider the logic of an opportunity from the other side. Think about this, if they are paying you so much for so little work, how would the promoters of the opportunity make money? Moreover if a company’s marketing tactic is mainly based on coming out legitimate, that is probably because it is tendering a work at home scam…or at the very least a poor money-making opportunity. So remember this, any job that promotes itself in search engine ads as a “legitimate work at home job” almost certainly not legit.

    Do your homework. Sending money to any organization without thoroughly checking it out is most certainly wrong! Always remember that legitimate companies do not charge job applicants and that business opportunities are never risk-free

    Know how to spot the work at home scam. One very complicated trick is a scam technique that sets up a whole website dedicated to revealing work at home scams and then funnel people to the few “legitimate” work at home jobs which those are not legitimate of course.

    Know the typical work at home scams. Scammers are always developing new schemes, and work-at-home scammers are no different. Below are some that you must avoid. Direct Sales or multilevel marketing (MLM) Pyramid Schemes - Always avoid! Business start-up kits Anything involving cashing checks/wiring money – Always avoid! Home assembly/envelope stuffing – Always avoid! Becoming a product re-seller or wholesal...

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