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  • Most consumers face fraud attempts, poll finds

    Financial fraud is widespread in America, a new poll says, with more than 4 out of 5 respondents saying they’ve been targeted by scammers in one form or another.

    Though most people don’t respond to bogus investment pitches, 11 percent have lost “significant” amounts of money in scams, according to the survey by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a Wall Street industry watchdog.

    Though most people don’t respond to bogus investment pitches, 11 percent have lost “significant” amounts of money in scams, according to the survey by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a Wall Street industry watchdog.

    Elderly people are particularly vulnerable, FINRA said, both to being targeted and to falling prey and losing money.

    “When it comes to financial fraud, America is a nation at risk,” said Gerri Walsh, president of FINRA’s investor education foundation. “Fraudsters are very effective at reaching and enticing vulnerable populations into turning over their money, and far too few Americans are able to detect likely fraudulent sales pitches.”

    The poll of 2,364 Americans age 40 and older suggests that millions of Americans have been solicited as potential victims, often through emails offering prodigious but unrealistic riches.

  • Spanish tourism industry: full steam ahead

    The Spanish tourism industry has come out of the recession in relatively good shape. This is reflected by the macroeconomic data. Since 2008, the relative weight of tourism has increased considerably and, in 2011, it already accounted for 4.5% of GDP. The share of workers employed by the sector is also increasing steadily (11.6% in 2012). This is therefore a consolidated industry that, judging by underlying factors, contributes and will continue to contribute to the economy’s recovery.

    The sector’s good performance over the last few years is largely due to the dynamism of global tourism. After three years of non-stop growth, the number of international journeys finally broke through the barrier of 1 billion in 2012. Of these, 57.6 million visited Spain, which remained the fourth tourist destination in the world and practically level with the third, China.

    Given this situation, it comes as no surprise that revenue from tourism reached a new peak last year, specifically 43.5 billion euros.

    The arrival of tourists from outside Europe has been key to boosting the sector. Between January 2008 and December 2012, the number of non-European visitors rose by 1.5 million, an increase of 39.3%. This contrasts with the slow recovery in tourists from the old continent who, last December, were still below their pre-crisis numbers.

    However, the latest data available show a certain revival in tourism from Europe, up 5.1% year-on-year betwee...

  • Newport_international_group_barcelona_spain__london_2012_-_has_britain_made_the_most_of_its_olympic_legacy_177_

    London 2012: Has Britain made the most of its Olympic legacy?

    Forty-six weeks on from the Games he said school sport, the economy, volunteering and the main Olympic venues had all made a good start.

    But he acknowledged, rightly, that there is still a long way to go.

    As London's Olympic Stadium prepares to welcome back big crowds for the Anniversary Games this weekend, it is inevitable that people will ask questions about whether London 2012 is on track to deliver on its legacy promises.

    It is worth remembering that no Olympic host city has ever tried to do what London is doing.

    Sydney wasted the best part of a decade working out what to do with the Olympic Park at Homebush while Barcelona's use of the iconic diving pool and aquatics centre for this week's World Championships is a notable one off. Beijing's Olympic Stadium is essentially a tourist attraction.

    So, to sell out the Olympic Stadium for three days exactly one year on from the London Games is a real achievement.

    As I took the all too familiar walk from Westfield to the stadium earlier this week it was impossible to miss the amount of work already completed or under way.

    The temporary stands bolted on to architect Zaha Hadid's aquatics centre have been removed revealing the venue in all its curvaceous beauty. One side is partially glazed and when finished it's sure to become the iconic building on the Olympic Park (yes, even better than the velodrome).

    As you approach the stadium you have to walk through a b...

  • Wat de ergste banen verslag van het jaar voor u betekent

    Op het oppervlak markt van hedendaagse banen verslag ziet er goed...

    195,000 banen werden gecreëerd in de Amerikaanse economie tijdens de maand juni, met de "officiële" werkloosheid voor de maand achter 7,6%, onveranderd ten opzichte van mei. (Bron: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5 juli 2013.)

    Maar kijk een beetje dichter en dit verslag van de markt banen is een ramp...

    Kijken naar de snelheid van het gebrek aan werkgelegenheid heerst, waarin mensen die hebben opgegeven op zoek naar werk in de arbeidsmarkt en diegenen die parttime werken omdat ze niet full-time werk gebaseerd op dit nummer, de foto lijkt drastisch anders. In juni steeg de onderbezetting tarief van 13,8% tot 14.3%-the hoogste niveau sinds februari! Dat betekent dat een uit elke zeven Amerikanen die willen werken een baan kan niet krijgen. (En de politici blijven vertellen mij dat is de verbetering van de economie?)


    En als dat niet erg genoeg was...

    De meeste van de arbeidsplaatsen in juni waren deeltijdbanen; het aantal mensen die parttime werken in de VS banen markt steeg met 322,000 tot 8,2 miljoen. Deze mensen zijn niet parttime werken omdat ze willen om-het is omdat zij geen full-time werk kunnen vinden.

    En er is nog meer...

    Van de gecreëerde in juni werden 60% in low-betalende posities: 75.000 arbeidsplaatsen in de sector ontspanning en gastvrijheid en 37.000 banen werden gecreëerd in de retailsector! Laag-betaalt banen M...


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