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Hendren Global Group - HGG

Hendren Global Group - HGG

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    Hong Kong investors are turning run-down factories and warehouses into offices to fill a space shortage in the city with the world's second-highest rents.

    Pamfleet Group and Gaw Capital Partners are among real estate funds that bought more than HK$54 billion of the city's industrial properties in the year ended June 30, according to data compiled by Centaline Property Agency. That is the highest for any 12-month period on record, the company's data shows.

    Redevelopment of vacant industrial spaces has accelerated since 2009 as investors lured by surging office rents seek to exploit the gap between the cost of acquiring the buildings and the potential return from converting them for use by banks, insurers and other business tenants.

    The government has implemented policy changes since the 1980s to encourage the transformation of unused properties after manufacturing shifted to cheaper locations in the mainland and Southeast Asia.

    "It's been a slow start, but things have picked up over the past few years," said Simon Lo, Hong Kong-based head of Asia research at property broker Colliers International. "Buyers are coming in with the expectation their returns will go up multiple times because of the redevelopment potential."

    Demand for offices has been swelling as Hong Kong cemented its place as a regional financial hub over the past decade. Average prime office rents have risen 54 per cent to June from mid-2009, according to government figures. Average vaca...

  • Swagger_177_

    ObamaCare Scammers are Scamming a Scam

    If a scammer scams a scam, how many scams can he scam? That’s a question to be asked of the ObamaCare Scammers, either the ones in D.C. or the ones calling people on the phone to scam people.

    If a stranger claiming to be from the government calls to offer you an “Obamacare card” or threatens to throw you in jail unless you buy insurance, hang up the phone. It’s a scam.

    Unless they’re from the government. In either case it’s a scam, but it’s a scam taking place at a higher level of scammery.

    “This is the huge, new government program. There’s no doubt in my mind that the fraudsters view it as an opportunity to rip people off,” said Lois Greisman, associate director for the Federal Trade Commission’s division of marketing practices.

    Isn’t ripping people off the main reason why huge new government programs are conceived of?

    But nothing in the Affordable Care Act threatens existing benefits for Medicare enrollees, Greisman said. The official-sounding calls were just a ploy to steal consumers’ identities and money.

    As you can see, Greisman is in on the scam because in fact ObamaCare does result in major Medicare cuts. So we’ve got a public sector ObamaCare scammer warning about private sector ObamaCare scammers. Can’t we just call the whole thing off?

    The FTC’s Greisman worries that some scammers will exploit the government’s...

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