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Allied Minerals Ltd

Allied Minerals Ltd


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Our company mandate is to generate strong returns for our shareholders from our existing two mines, and to discover new accessible gold deposits for the future or the company. Allied Minerals company objective is to discover, explore and develop properties with heavy gold mineralisation. Allied Minerals, is also a royalties company, and therefore aims to acquire interests in other gold producing companies and assets through individual investment and joint ventures. Our investment department selects those assets which are most likely to yield strong returns for the compnay, through hard work and due dilligence, we are able to ensure the loyalty of our own shareholders is rewarded, and increase our portfolio of assets with gold reserves. Our staff posess a combined wealth of knowledge on mining in general, but where we exceed is in utilising new technologies.

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Shanghai mining exploration company Allied Minerals today announced that ore extraction at its Shand...

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Primarily the company aims to discover, extract and produce mineral gold, which is then ultimately distributed through the local Shanghai Gold

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Allied Minerals Ltd

6 F, The 21st Century Building, No. 210, Century Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China, 200120
Pudong New District, Shanghai 200120
+86 21 5172 7206

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