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The Southwood Group Hong Kong

The Southwood Group Hong Kong

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  • The Southwood Group Rice Drops As Stockpiles Rise

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    The Southwood Group is advising clients on investment strategies to maximize returns from Rice, during difficult times for this vital commodity. Rice, the principle food crop of Asia and an important contributor in many other parts of the world’s food holding banks is usually a safe investment, however stockpiles are growing, supply is up and trading prices are down. It is uncertain as far as profit is concerned for Rice, however with prices low and with Rice always guaranteed to be a major seller now is certainly a good time for investors to take advantage of the low prices. China the world’s largest importer and consumer of rice are set to purchase 3 million metric tons this month, a record amount this year. The Chinese government has increased its purchasing levels due to the low prices and as a result of their domestic supply being dealt a blow due to the discovery of a toxic metal in the rice supply in southern China. The discovery of Cadmium in domestic supply has increased the country’s need for importing resulting in China’s imports of rice being set to hit a record high later this year. “The assumption is often made that when prices start to fall due to stockpiling there isn’t future gains to be made, however we must remember that this is a stable addition to millions of people’s diets making it a life sustaining commodity. The agricultural commodity will always sell, the key is now selecting the right time to take advantage to this low price opportunity within...
  • The Southwood Group comments as developments in the Rio Tinto Group give way to an appealing buying opportunity substantiated by the current share price weakness, continued efficient cost cutting which will almost cut its debt in half and its $6.6 Billion Oyu Tolgoi mine begins shipments this week. Rio Tinto looks set to begin shipments from Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia this week, which is the largest mining project in Mongolia’s history, and the project is predicted to account for a third of the country’s economy by the end of the decade. Rio Tinto’s continued aggressive push in cost cutting will enable Rio to cut its debt in half. Rio is currently seeking to bolster its balance sheet by divesting a range of its non-core and poorly performing assets, its aluminum assets, Canadian iron ore and coalmine stakes and a copper-gold mine in western Australia are among the sectors as it continues to fight aggressively in all sectors of mining. “There has been growing investment interest in RIO, advised investors should be happy to buy Rio as long as iron ore prices don’t drop below $80 dollar per metric ton. Iron ore prices continue to drop as Chinese steel production slows down but not so fast to hurt Rio Tinto, analysts predict prices will stay above $100 per tonne for the remainder of the year. We believe it is an attractive buying opportunity given the recent low share price, Rio has also done some very efficient cost cutting measures lately that will certainly improve its share p...
  • The Southwood Group looks at recent developments in Myanmar as Telenor and Oordoo win bids to be the first international mobile operators. Myanmar is set for rapid economic growth as international companies from around the globe look to get market share, after a fiercely contested auction for telecoms licences the Myanmar government has awarded Norway’s Telenor and Qatar’s Ooredoo to be the first international mobile service providers to launch telecoms operating systems. The government is eager to expand upon the poorly operated state-run mobile telephone service that currently operates to a small population of 5-7 percent, with only one in ten people owning a mobile phone nationals make do with make shift street telephone booths to communicate. The Southwood Group’s Richard Edwards Director of Private Equity today commented “Myanmar is opening its doors with exceptional growth indications for the future potential of this emerging country, with the countries telecoms expectations to exceed 75 percent coverage to bring into line with neighboring countries Laos, Cambodia and Thailand by 2016 and with a population of roughly 60 million people this is becoming a land of opportunity for investors.” The Southwood Group’s analysts estimate costs ranging in the region of $1.5 billion dollars taking into account limited skills and poor infrastructure in creating a the new telecommunications network. J F Baksaas, chief executive of Telenor made a comment indicating the two comp...
  • The Southwood Group looks at the recent developments for Chinese companies and new hopes to listing their shares outside the mainland as the market re-opened in Hong Kong this month, after two corporations raised more than HK$22 billion. In May, Two Chinese mainland companies completed IPOs listed on the Hong Kong market, Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co Ltd raising HK$13.72 billion and China Galaxy Securities Co Ltd raising HK$8.36 billion, raising a combined sum of more than $2.8 billion dollars. China Galaxy Securities gained 6.1 percent from its initial offer price when trading commenced on opening day, however Sinopec Engineering being the largest IPO in Hong Kong in the first half fell on its debut by 0.35 percent. “Since October 2012 the CSRC has imposed an initial public offerings listing Suspension causing companies to take alternative avenues, this month the doors to Hong Kong re-opened for Chinese companies to list their shares outside the mainland, with two companies raising more than HK$22 billion. Moving into the year there will be a rise of mainland China’s companies looking to issue shares in overseas markets including Hong Kong, U.S. and Europe,” advised Michael Parkin the Head of Investment Analysis at The Southwood Group. The Southwood Group is noticing a change in foreign institutional investor’s outlook with increasing numbers of investments being made despite the lower GDP growth rate of 7.5 percent in China compared to the past decade double digit g...
  • Senior Vice-President James Morgan and Head of Investment Analysis Michael Parkin will join the13th International Research Conference on Finance, Risk, Accounting and Management Perspectives on November 18-20, 2013 at the Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge College, UK.

    The conference motto is “Innovation, Information and Intelligence in Finance, Risk and Accounting” which will highlight the need to adapt and navigate safely through the current turbulent markets.

    In the face of market volatility from 2007-2011 which debunked longstanding traditional planning and forecasting tools for predicting market dynamics, organizers hope to provide a forum for addressing shared objectives. The event will incorporate a mass of scholarly viewpoints that will deal with issues in such topics as efficiency in market, time issues in planning and reporting, information dispersion and risk-perception, behavioral finance and technological impact.

    As an equity-research house, The Southwood Group specializes in providing fundamental research and data analysis, ultimately facilitating trend identification, and finally stock selection. The company has professional managers with extensive experience in all aspects of investing and legal compliance, all of whom had spent their careers in the global finance industry from Hong Kong to New York. It is established on ideals of perseverance, enduring commitment to its clients and, most of all, due diligence.

    The Southwood Group hopes to enhance e...

The Southwood Group is an equity research house specialising in providing fundamental research and data analysis.

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