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  • C2c_exploration_132_ Brazil based minerals mining company C2C Exploration has today begun the exportation of ore sourced from its Bahia operations in North Eastern Brazil. Mar. 26, 2013 - Mr Chris Jarvis, Chief Executive Officer at C2C Exploration made a statement early this morning on-site at the C2C mine in Bahia, informing staff and press attendees that ore exports have already begun following greater than expected demand. The site known as the Ibirapuera Mineracao which hosts a closed underground copper and gold producing mine, has been the focus of much media attention over the past 12 months due to C2C Exploration seeking US$300 million in investor capital to finance exploration drilling on the site. According to Chief Executive Officer at C2C Exploration Mr Chris Jarvis, the mine has now begun to produce at a rate sufficient to commence production and exportation to fill orders. Mr Jarvis commented on the announcement privately stating “What this means is that we have begun to realise our ultimate goal. The work we have all put in up until this point has been leading to this, so everyone here was unsurprisingly pleased by today’s announcement” . While C2C Exploration is already generating profits from its capital invested at the Bahia site, it will be some time before those returns allow C2C Exploration to break even, however Chief Executive Officer Mr Chris Jarvis remains entirely confident that the Ibirapuera mine will in time become the prime asset of C2C Exploration, and furt...
  • C2c_exploration_132_ Brazil based minerals mining company C2C Exploration announced this morning, the company has already received more than sufficient capital to fund the expansion of its Bahia operations in North Eastern Brazil. Feb. 26, 2013 - Chief Executive Officer at C2C Exploration Mr Chris Jarvis made a public announcement today at a press meeting to be held Sao Paulo city centre pertaining to the realisation of US$300 million the company has sought from investors in order to finance its Bahia drilling programme. This announcement goes to demonstrate to the wider general public and the company’s investors, that confidence in C2C Exploration’s latest acquisitions is high, as well as to announce the intent of the C2C board of directors to expand and invest in assets beyond the borders of Brazil in 2013-2014. CEO Mr Chris Jarvis commented “C2C Exploration is cash rich at this moment and we fully intend to take advantage of this and our position within the current marketplace to create value for our shareholders. Our Bahia project is at present the flagship of our fleet of investments, and we expect to be judged upon our successes in Bahia.” Mr Jarvis further said “The rate of financing invitations taken up by our investors in this case is testimony to the excellent work we are doing and to public confidence in our abilities to ensure consistent growth and prosperity over the coming years”. Exploration drilling continues at the Ibirapuera site in Bahia, and as yet the full extent of...
  • C2c_exploration_132_ Sao Paulo based metals mining company C2C Exploration has announced this morning, it has already almost received sufficient capital to fund the expansion of its Bahia operations in North Eastern Brazil. Feb. 4, 2013 - Despite C2C Exploration being cash-rich following an extraordinarily profitable final quarter in 2012, CEO Mr Chris Jarvis will continue as planned to seek investor capital in order to finance the proposed expansion and drilling work at the company's Bahia site. Mr Jarvis furthermore stated the boards' defined target of sourcing an additional US$300 million to fund the project is now expected be reached within the first quarter of 2013, most likely by the end of February, although he declined to comment on the exact figure raised thus far. At a public announcement held this morning in Sao Paulo, Mr Jarvis stated “this funding exercise should not be an alarm bell for investors, but should exhibit our aggressive aim to capitalise on today's mineral market and this excellent property acquisition which we are supremely confident in.” The Ibirapuera project in Bahia, is at this time C2C's flagship project, and has a well developed surrounding infrastructure, where production cash-costs can be minimised. This combined with the proven reserves the mine holds, and the accessibility of those reserves, makes it an attractive proposition for the company and its investors. Following the recent analysis and approval of test samples taken over the final quarter...
  • C2c_exploration_132_ Brazilian mining company C2C Exploration announces the company will seek to raise extra funding to expand its Bahia operations in North East Brazil. Nov. 21, 2012 - C2C Explorations' Ibirapuera property is situated in the state of Bahia in the north east of Brazil, and hosts a closed underground gold producing mine. Until recently C2C Exploration had sampled ore grades at only 4 of the 8 known prospects on the site. All 4 prospects yielded significant gold values at surface levels, including the Ibirapuera prospect which is now known to hold over 500,000 ounces of mineral gold, as well as extensive iron ore reserves. After initial samples were taken over recent weeks, exploration drilling is now scheduled to continue at the Bahia property commencing in the first quarter of 2013, to complete the planned exploration mandate. To fund the completion of the project C2C Exploration will need to raise an extra US$300 million. Chief Executive Officer at C2C Exploration Mr Chris Jarvis said “C2C is currently cash rich following this outstanding last quarter and strong 2012 earnings overall. We will be investing further within Brazil, but at minimum we require an extra US$300 million to complete the project. We'll therefore be offering the opportunity to our investors to further share in our success.” The project site has excellent infrastructure; roads, power, communications, and abundant local mining labour, and according to James Hamilton an Executive Director at C2C, B...
  • C2c_exploration_132_ C2C Exploration a Sao Paulo based mineral and extraction company announces the recent detection of additional gold oxide sectors in the company’s Bahia mining operations in the North East of Brazil. Nov. 16, 2012 - Bahia, Brazil, November 12th, 2012. Drilling in widely separated intervals, gold oxide was revealed in a variety of intersections at the Ibirapuera property site. The findings substantiate the company’s position in that there is a vast promise to further lengthen and enlarge the existence of the Ibirapuera property mine while recovering these further oxide supplies. Additional drilling will be necessary to ascertain accurate depths and widths of the deposits. The initial drilling sites were the first in the long unused area which had been previously been inaccessible for exploratory drilling. This recent discovery indicates that the veins may reach further than previously thought. Further investigation will be ongoing in this region as it is on an already approved mining charter with existing serviceable roads, communication and transportation networks so that further deposits can be promptly developed. This press article contains forward looking statements. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This article does not constitute any part of C2C Exploration's annual report, prospectus, offering memorandum or any other document required for Security Commission compliance.C2C Exploration makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents of ...
  • Mining_132_ C2C Exploration is pleased to report on the discovery of a 40 meter shaft and preliminary testing results on the ore extracted from the deeper level. Nov. 5, 2012 - C2C Exploration was delighted by the discovery of the shaft. It is believed to have been drilled by the previous owner and is nearly complete. It appears that the shaft may have been part of exploration work carried out by artisan miners. Because of the manner in which artisan miners operate, it is possible that this shaft could have been the result of two years work. The shaft had been well covered and its discovery will have saved over a month of labor costs involved with creating a new one from scratch. C2C Exploration has indicated that some work is required to widen the shaft and implement a pulley system and that this should be completed by next week. Mining engineers built a ladder and extracted samples of the ore from the bottom levels and had it processed. The results show the grade per ton to be greater than 23. This is more than 3 times the grade of ore that has been extracted from the superficial level which was used as the basis for income projections. The implications of this is that C2C Exploration will begin focusing all efforts on extracting ore from the lower levels. It is possible that the recently projected levels of daily ore production will not be reached as quickly, however with the higher-grade ore to be extracted now, the same if not higher amount of income could be achieved even fa...
  • Mining_132_ Sao Paulo based mining company C2C Exploration this morning signed an agreement with long term employee Mr Thomas Carvalho MSc, appointing him to the position of non executive director effective immediately. Oct. 25, 2012 - SAO PAULO - C2C Exploration has appointed Thomas Carvalho (MSc) as a non-executive director, with immediate effect. Carvalho was born in Brazil and graduated from the University of Sao Paulo in 1980 with an MSc in geology. He has since been involved in the mining industry for over 30 years in both operational and financial capacities. His career began some years after graduating, when between 1986 and 1995 he worked in senior management for Arequipa Resources Ltd in Peru; prior to the company's acquisition by Barrick Gold in 1996. Carvalho post 1995 went on to work in a senior management position for the Homestake Mining Company until its merger in 2001. Throughout his career, Carvalho has worked with some of the key players in the mining industry. For almost a decade now he has worked for C2C Exploration, and has proven himself invaluable to the company. His knowledge of financial aspects and global operations is excellent, and his local knowledge is second to none. “I've worked in the mining industry all of my life, so I'm very pleased to have been recognised and chosen for this position with C2C Exploration”. Thomas Carvalho MSc. CEO Chris Jarvis commented on today's announcement saying “Everything is going well for C2C right now, our Q3 e...
  • Mining_132_

    Oct. 18, 2012 - C2C Exploration C.E.O Mr Chris Jarvis is quoted as saying “C2C Exploration has had an excellent year, and it appears from our financial data that we will see earnings slightly higher throughout the fourth quarter of 2012 due to increased iron ore sales”.

    C2C's iron ore mine, is located in Northern Brazil, close to the famous Carajas iron ore mine, which is owned by the worlds second largest mining company Vale (VALE, VALE5.BR). Inconsistently, Vale reported only yesterday a fall to 83.9 million tonnes in its iron ore production; although this was attributed to heavy rains at Vale's mines in south-eastern Brazil earlier this year.

    Furthermore, due to its size and stature, Vale has had environmental licensing problems which have curtailed the company's rapid expansion. This has meant that rather than being able to commence extraction in new areas, the company has been forced to continue mining old deposits, meaning lower than expected productivity of 83 million tonnes in place of the forecast 100 million tonnes of iron ore.

    Thankfully this is not the case for C2C Exploration, who have seen a positive increase in not only demand, but production to meet that demand. This is excellent news for the company, which is in the process of expanding, and starts production at its Minas Gerais project site this quarter. It also adds substance to the apprenticeship scheme offers that are currently being made to local colleges in the Sao Paulo area.

    “While many ...

  • Sao Paulo based mining, exploration company C2C Exploration has agreed an apprenticeship structure with a group of educational institutions in the Sao Paulo region, aimed at giving back to the local community and securing long term employees.

    Oct. 11, 2012 - Sao Paulo based mining and exploration company C2C Exploration this morning announced an apprenticeship structure is to be jointly implemented in Sao Paulo by local educators and C2C Exploration.

    Mr Chris Jarvis, C.E.O at C2C Exploration said “We pride ourselves on the sustainability of our business model, and I believe that investing in education in the local community, will be mutually beneficial in the long term.”

    Training courses will be publicly available and fully funded in most cases by C2C Exploration, meaning applicants who complete any training course will then be under contract to complete a minimum period of work with the company, after which they may choose whether they wish to stay with the company.

    C2C Exploration are expanding at present, with a new project site due to commence drilling during the final quarter of 2011, and according to Chief Executive Officer Mr Chris Jarvis, C2C will be looking to invest heavily within Brazil over the next twenty four months on another cluster of already identified potential sites; although these sites have yet to pass feasibility studies.

    C2C safety spokes person Mr James Da Silva commented “the skills possessed by many workers recruited from local mining ...

  • Despite efforts from local Brazilian Indians to immobilise the railway system used by Vale and local miners around the Carajas iron ore mine earlier this week, most local miners such as C2C Exploration have remained largely unaffected.

    Oct. 4, 2012 - Large scale protests made by local Brazilian Indians in response to the presence of Vale's (Brazil's largest mining outfit) Carajas iron ore mine, on Tuesday 2nd October caused the railway system (EFC) to grind to a halt, and in turn disrupted Vale's production and transportation.

    The rationale behind these protests according to local sources, related to allegedly unrecognised property rights to local sites. Segments of the railway between the Mineirinho and Auzilandia in the northern state of Maranhao, were seized making the transportation of passengers, and Iron Ore from the Carajas mine temporarily impossible.

    Vale's official statement said that incidents of social unrest are always regrettable as they put lives of employees and the public at risk. The statement further inferred the company's desire to co-exist harmoniously within the local community, along with other local miners.

    C2C Exploration C.E.O. Mr Chris Jarvis commented on the protests saying “This is exactly the kind of incident that necessitates for us, the implementation of fair and mutually beneficial local community policies. At C2C Exploration we aim to give as much back to the local community as possible, via education funding, recruiting from within ...

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