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Harver Group

Harver Group

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  • Harver Group Publishes Corporate Investor Survey

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    Harver Group publishes the results of a mail in survey by its corporate investors. Investors believe that monetary policy will be the biggest factor to influence the stock markets and those automobile manufacturers are the best investment.

    1. Focus moves towards monetary policy Respondents were questioned on the factor most likely to influence the stock market over the next three months. Monetary policy became the most watched factor, seeing an 11.5% increase from last month’s survey.

    2. Automobiles were the most enticing sector Respondents were asked to select one sector as “enticing” for investments and one as “unenticing” over the next three months. Automobile manufactures were the “most enticing” investment with 27% of respondents agreeing. The “least enticing” sector was pharmaceutical manufactures.

    3. US dollar is most enticing currency Respondents were asked to select one currency as “enticing” for investments and another as “unenticing” over the next three months. In this survey the US dollar was the most “enticing” currency with 38% of respondents selecting it. The British Pound was second among respondents with 22% of the votes. The “least enticing” currency was the Indian Rupee with 53% of respondents selecting it as “unenticing.”

    4. Price Outlook Respondents were asked about their outlook on prices of regularly bought goods and services over the next year. 73% of respondents said that they expected prices to rise in that period. They said on average that they expected a rise of 2.5%.

    5. Most Watched Stocks Respondents were asked as to select one stock that they would want to have in their portfolio, regardless of short or long term investment horizon. The most selected stock was Toyota Motor Company with 11% of votes. Second was Mitsubishi Financial Group with 9% of votes and third on the list was Sony with 7% of votes.

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