Location: London, England

Problem: To meet the demand for on the go water while decreasing product’s environmental footprint. Britons use 275,000 tons of plastic bottles each year or 15 million a day. Most water bottles are made from PET plastic, a crude oil extract, with 8% of oil production going into plastics.

Client: British consumers

Designers: Lewis Moberly


Solution: Recyclable plastic bottles made from corn. The corn goes through a fermentation and distillation process and is reduced to a monomer called lactic acid which is spun, linked to polymer chains, and molded into bottles. The bio-bottle will biodegrade within 12 months with commercial composting. The bottle contains mineral water sourced from the Black Mountains in South Wales, with 100% of company profits going to international clean water projects.

Date of completion: 2006

For more info: Belu, Lewis Moberly

Posted May 18, 2007