Location: Oakland, California, USA

Problem: With the popularity of skateboarding at an all-time high, and with the average skateboard deck composed of seven plys of maple, the impact the sport is having on natural resources is growing. But how can a deck made of something other than hardwood stand up to repeated rail slides and nose grinds?

Client: Comet Skateboards

Designers: Jason Salfi, Jonathan Reese for Comet and Anil Netravali and Patrick Govang for e2e Materials

Solution: Comet worked with e2e Materials (a spin-out company from Cornell University), to design an entirely green skateboard made of sustainable bamboo and a maple veneer. It’s glued together with an entirely soy-based resin that has proven itself incredibly strong. All of this means that once a rider is through beating up a board, it can go directly into the compost. Comet’s riders are thrilled with the sturdiness of the board, and its team riders claim it’s unbreakable.

Completion: Spring 2008

For more info: Comet Skateboards; e2eMaterials

Pictured: Comet rider Jeff McDonough. Photo courtesy e2e Materials

Posted October 02, 2007