Location: Paris, France

Problem: To celebrate the year 2000, the French government requested a monument to promote peace and cultural tolerance. The design would need to utilize technology to communicate and connect with people on a global scale.

Client: The City of Paris and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication

Designers: Clara Halter and Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Solution: A metallic framework covered with glass, stainless steel and exotic woods on a wooden tiered base featuring the word “peace” in 32 languages. The monument has letterboxes, or chinks, to collect handwritten messages, as in the Jewish tradition. Thirty on-site monitors connect to the web to allow Internet users around the world to send in messages that appear on the screens.

Date of completion: 2000

For more info: Wall for Peace


Detail of the Wall for Peace.
Photo courtesy of Clara Halter

Posted May 10, 2007