Location: Saanichton, British Columbia, Canada

Problem: When massive hydroelectric dams are created, huge areas of forest are often flooded, submerging habitats and displacing whatever human communities happened to call that place home. But the forests that become part of the underwater landscape can be well preserved for decades, and are still viable stocks of timber.

Client: Builders in Canada and the United States

Designers: Triton Logging

Solution: The Sawfish is a 7,000 pound unmanned logging submarine that is remotely controlled from the surface. Armed with eight video cameras and sonar navigation, the robotic lumberjack latches onto the trunk of a submerged tree, attaches inflatable airbags to the trunk, deploys its chainsaw, and then releases the tree to float up to the surface. The process of harvesting already dead timber spares live forests. The company is supplying eco-certified wood from Dockside Green, a 1.3 million-square-foot environmentally sustainable development in Victoria, British Columbia.

Completion: 2002

For more info: Triton Logging, Dockside Green


Posted May 10, 2007