Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Problem: To create a fluent intercultural dialogue that avoids friction caused by language barriers, resistance to change and difficulties accepting people perceived as “others.”

Client: Prototype

Designer: Tamar Meshulam

Solution: A collaborative table game for heterogeneous groups that encourages individuals to cooperate and facilitate connections between people of different backgrounds. The game takes players on an imaginary journey away from a place called “Home” around a large white circular board using impressed clay pebbles on a felt map, each inscribed with a different symbol open to personal interpretation. During the process, players work together to create a short story documenting their imaginary journey. To reach each stop along the board, the whole group must work together and learn from their dialogue, proceeding only when all players agree on the next portion of the story. There are no final winners or losers as players find their way back “Home” again.

Completion: 2004

For more info: Master Peace


Master Peace, a collaborative table game designed by Tamar Meshulam, promotes understanding between people of different backgrounds.
Photo courtesy of Tamar Meshulam


Posted May 10, 2007