Location: New Orleans, LA, USA

Problem: To renovate and restore the House of Dance and Feathers, a neighborhood museum and cultural center in the Lower Ninth Ward that was demolished by Hurricane Katrina, while simultaneously preserving the cultural heritage of New Orleans and inspiring people to return to their neighborhoods.

Client: Ronald Lewis

Designers: Project Locus and Kansas State University Architecture students

Solution: A 384 square foot enclosed structure with gathering area, workspace, and display spaces and exhibition panels for cultural artifacts. Details include recycled galvanized metal roofing, recycled antique and aluminum doors, custom screen-printed and polyurethaned paper flooring, and recycled screen-print frames. Ronald Lewis' adjoining residence was also redesigned and rehabilitated.

Completion: 2006

For more info: [Project Locus] (www.projectlocus.org)

On view at: Design For The Other 90% at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York



Posted May 10, 2007