Location: Morris, CT, USA

Problem: The present disaster relief field relies heavily on tent and tarp structures which offer little protection from outdoor elements and have no sense of personal space.

Client: Governments, international relief organizations and non-profit organization

Designers: Mia Pelosi and Daniel A Ferrara Jr. comprising Global Village Shelters LLC.

Solution: A biodegradable triple-wall corrugated house that snaps together in 15 minutes and lasts 18 months. To accomplish durability, the shelter has a concentric “ring” structure. No tools are required for setup and easy to follow, illustrated instructions make it universally usable. In conjunction with Weyerhaeuser, a white fire retardant and waterproof coating for the shelters’ interior and exterior walls and roof was created. Inhabitant safety is enforced with interior and exterior locks. Houses have withstood winds up to 80 mph, and a tarp kit can be added for extra weatherproofing and wind resistance. The original unit measured six square meters, a 20-square-meter unit was introduced in 2006. Work is currently being done on a system utilizing panels and a patented extrusion design that allows units to link together to form larger or smaller structures as needed.

Completion: 2001

For more info: Global Village Shelters

On view at: Design For The Other 90% at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York


Posted May 10, 2007