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Africa Craft Trust

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Martin Mendelsberg

Martin Mendelsberg

Denver, United States

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It's all about design. "No, it's all about everything else.".

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  • What's in a name?


    In response to Activist Design, posted by Jennifer Leonard,
    in the thread Activist Design

    In any given situation, there is invariably a dominant perspective—the norm, and alternative perspectives—that must be given distinctive and often trivial labels—to classify them visibly as ab-norms. "Activist" design is one such. In my conversations with people on the ideal of "simple living, high thinking", I often get responses like, "What? You want to take us back in time, to living like cavemen?" This is an instance of a non-dominant future scenario being labelled as a return to backwardness and the past. So regardless of what name we or others give it, let us be true to our beliefs and values in a spirit of genuine humility and non-antagonism.

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