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No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment

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  • Slow Food and Slow Design


    In response to Redesigning Real, posted by Jennifer Leonard,
    in the thread Redesigning Real


    maybe everyone knows about this already...I had heard of the slow food movement but never really looked into it...

    Their mission... "We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to pleasure and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible. Our movement is founded upon this concept of eco-gastronomy – a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet. " ...seems to align with Jennifer's (and my) ideals.

    But there's more...there was a conference last year about Slow Design. Lots more info is here but the upshot is connection and real experience with objects of pleasure, their means of production and enabling real sustainability.

    I also think this is what I was getting at in my last post - the idea of slow energy - energy that you don't go out and buy and never understand where it comes from, but energy that it is intimately connected to your efforts.

    Design should make explicit this connection we have to the world, not hide it.

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