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Dominic Muren

Seattle, United States

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How do you teach industrial design in a post-industrial world?.

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  • pro-activism


    In response to Activist Design, posted by Jennifer Leonard,
    in the thread Activist Design

    There's no question that "pro-active" designers are the pioneers or "cultural scouts" that are forging the path of a sustainable future that the masses will follow, or perish.

    I feel these times for "creatives" of all kinds couldn't be much more exciting then they are now, but we'll wait and see...

    I propose choreographing peaceful, yet disruptive political protest parties.

    Imagine "what if?" the Burning Man and Rainbow tribes all converged on D.C.? We wouldn't stop partying until we dark lords had left the White House. It could be internationally supported, and a whole lot of fun. Set up a DJ station right under Abe Lincoln's statue. Mandate a "separation of corporation and state". Cut the strings of the political puppets dangled by multi-national conglomerates.

    I can build the shelters out of bamboo...

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