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  • New logo competition!

    October 01, 2007


    We are pleased to announce DESIGN 21's new competition for the United Nations documentary film festival Stories from the Field. The challenge is to design the festival's official logo.

    Since its inception three years ago, the festival has always used the logos of the two organizations behind the event – the United Nations and Media Communications Association International (pictured). Now, through a DESIGN 21 competition, the organizers are looking for the festival's own singular identity in time for 2008.

    Stories from the Field showcases documentaries by UN or UN-afiliated agencies, as well as by the public, which address one or more of the United Nations' eight Millennium Development Goals.

    Once again, DESIGN 21 members will get to view all the entries and vote for their favorites – the Most Popular wins $500 and automatically gains a spot in the final round of judging. The overall winner receives $5000.

    Entries close Monday November 26, 2007

    For the full competition brief, entry guidelines and rules, and information about the festival, visit our Stories from the Field competition page. Good luck to all entrants!